What is the best chapter in 40k?

What is the best chapter in 40k?

[Top 10] Warhammer 40k Best Space Marine Chapters

  • Black Templars. A zealous Black Templar Astartes moves to end a heretic stronghold.
  • Imperial Fists. An Imperial Fist Astartes fires a fusillade of Bolter rounds to obliterate his target.
  • Iron Hands.
  • Space Wolves.
  • Raven Guard.
  • Ultramarines.
  • Dark Angels.
  • Blood Angels.

What is a 40k chapter?

A Chapter is a completely autonomous military unit made up of one thousand of the superhuman warriors known as Space Marines or Astartes and their related vehicles, starships and support personnel. Each Chapter serves collectively with the others of its kind as part of the Imperium of Man’s Adeptus Astartes.

How big is a chapter 40k?

about a thousand
Chapters typically contain about a thousand Space Marines plus an unspecific number of Initiates, support staff, and Adeptus Mechanicus maintenance units. The majority of Chapters follow the organizational structure detailed in the fictional version of the Codex Adeptus Astartes.

Who is the strongest Space Marine?

With all of that, the most powerful Space Marines, depending on situations, are these guys:

  • Thunderwolves Cavalry: Very fast, durable with 3 Wounds and 3+ armour save and hits hard.
  • Grey Knight Paladin: A buffed up version of Terminators with 3 Wounds.

Are Ultramarines good in 9th?

The Ultramarines have become significantly better in 9th edition as other chapters have gotten worse and the rules for moving and shooting and falling back have changed to make their unique abilities significantly better. They’re an incredibly flexible force that has solid Stratagem and special character support.

What is the most popular Space Marine chapter?

The Top 10 Space Marine Chapters in Warhammer 40k

  • 8) Black Dragons.
  • 7) Space Wolves.
  • 6) Blood Angels.
  • 5) Salamanders.
  • 4) Flesh Tearers.
  • 3) Ultramarines.
  • 2) Grey Knights.
  • 1) Black Templars.

How many shots do intercessors get?

This one is also pretty straight forward. A 10-man Intercessor Squad with Auto Bolt Rifles can pump out 30 shots on the move.

How many Ultramarines are there?

The Ultramarines, originally known as the War-Born [50a], were the XIII Legion of the original twenty Space Marine Legions….Ultramarines.

– Ultramarines –
Legion Number: XIII
Primarch: Roboute Guilliman
Chapter Master: Marneus Calgar
Homeworld: Macragge

What is the biggest space marine chapter?

What is the largest Space Marine chapter? – Quora. The Black Templars. In a recent podcast with the Emperor, High Marshall Helbrecht revealed that the number of Black Templars were 6551 at the time of the podcast. The Emperor was pleased by that and ordered them to further grow that number.

Who is the weakest primarch?

17. Lorgar (Lorgar was a preacher, he preferred fighting with words rather than weapons. He seems to be regarded as the physically weakest Primarch.

Are Chaos Marines stronger?

Individual Chaos Marines can get SIGNIFICANTLY stronger with boons from the Chaos gods, BUT their equipment is usually fairly dated compared to imperial standards, and Imperials often have better numbers, support, and leadership.

Is Tigurius a Primaris?

Varro Tigurius is the Chief Librarian of the Ultramarines Chapter of the Space Marines. As a psyker, Tigurius has always stood apart from his battle-brothers. Chief Librarian Varro Tigurius after crossing the Rubicon Primaris and becoming a Primaris Space Marine.

What are Ultramarines good at?

In addition to their doctrine and trait, the Ultramarines have one of the widest selection of choices for Psyker spells, units, relics, and characters in the game. The Ultramarines are a strong starting army for anyone looking to pick up a fighting force that’ll perform well in most situations.

Who is the oldest space marine?

Bjorn the Fell Handed: Oldest living loyalist space marine around, he’s been there since the Horus Heresy.

How many points are intercessors?

Space Marine Point Total: 1005 Well there you have it! Just over 1000 points. If you added both halves together, you’d end up with exactly 2000 points of models.

What weapons can intercessors use?


  • Mark X Tacticus Power Armour.
  • Mark II Cawl Pattern Bolt Rifle.
  • Bolt Pistol.
  • Frag Grenades.
  • Krak Grenades.
  • Auto Bolt Rifle (Optional)
  • Stalker Bolt Rifle (Optional)
  • Power Sword (Intercessor Sergeant Only)

Is Rogal Dorn alive?

In the Index Astartes II, Dorn’s death is said to have taken place soon after the disappearance of his brother, Corax. This would put his death not long after the Heresy and Great Scouring. However, Dorn is known to have died aboard a Despoiler Class Battleship Chaos ship, the Sword of Sacrilege.

What is the strongest Space Marines chapter?

Ultramarines. The Ultramarines are considered one of the strongest and most honoured of all the Space Marine Chapters in the Imperium of Man, and were responsible for almost single-handedly holding the Imperium together after the Horus Heresy.

Who is the strongest character in Warhammer 40k?

Truly, the strongest of the strong.

  • Roboute Guilliman. The only surviving loyal Primarch, and Regent of the Imperium.
  • Ezekyle Abaddon. The evil reflection of Guilliman, The Warmaster has unified the fractious powers of Chaos under his banner.
  • Szarekh, The Silent King.
  • Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka.
  • Asdrubael Vect.

What is the strongest Legion in 40k?

There is one answer to this: Ultramarines. Speaking in terms of Pre-Heresy Era of the Imperium where all Space Marines were organized as legions; Ultramarines boasted the most numerous and logistically supported legion of all.