What is the concrete around a pool called?

What is the concrete around a pool called?

The hardscape area around your swimming pool is called a surround, deck, or decking, even though it isn’t always made of wood or composite, like traditional outdoor decks with which we most often associate the words. Traditionally, most in-ground swimming pool decks are made of concrete.

How much does it cost to have concrete poured around a pool?

Cost of Concrete Pool Deck

Concrete Pool Decks Costs Zip Code
Basic Best
Concrete Pool Decks – Installation Cost $2187.50 – $2222.50 $2730.00 – $2800.00
Concrete Pool Decks – Total $2677.50 – $2747.50 $3552.50 – $3832.50
Concrete Pool Decks – Total Average Cost per square foot $7.75 $10.55

How much concrete is required around inground pool?

How much patio space do I need for my inground swimming pool? Most people need between 600 and 900 square ft. of patio around a pool. That’s enough room for a table and chair set, some chaise lounges, and a comfortable walking space around the perimeter of the pool.

How do you fix concrete around a pool?


  1. Chisel out the crack to remove loose pieces of concrete.
  2. Clean the debris, including all dust and chips with a broom, shop vac or air compressor.
  3. Apply filler directly into cracks, checking periodically to see if it has settled.
  4. Allow the filler to cure over a 24-hour period.

Should concrete around pool be sealed?

It is important to properly seal the concrete surrounding the pool to ensure that mold, mildew, salt water and damage from UV rays do not deteriorate or damage the pool deck. Pool decks are an important, if understated, aspect of your pool experience.

Can I paint the concrete around my pool?

Fill a paint tray with concrete pool deck paint. This paint is specially formulated to adhere to concrete and resist chlorine and weather. Mix some nonskid additive into your concrete paint if you want a textured surface that will be safer for small children and rowdy guests.

How do you restore a concrete pool deck?

Can you patch a concrete pool?

Pool concrete repair: How to fix a cracked pool You’ll have a few options when it comes to fixing structural cracks in a concrete pool shell: Inject epoxy or polyurethane into the crack to seal it off. Apply hydraulic cement over the crack. “Staple” the crack closed with rebar staples.

What is the best paint for a concrete pool?

To summarize paint and surface compatibility, if you have an unpainted concrete or plaster pool, epoxy or premium acrylic are the best paint choices. For an unpainted fiberglass or gunite pool, epoxy is recommended.

What is the best sealer for concrete around a pool?

Penetrating Concrete Pool Deck Sealers The best penetrating concrete sealer for pool decks is a Silane-Siloxane water repellent sealer. Silane-Siloxane concrete sealers are the best sealer to use if you don’t want to change the look or color of the concrete, and if you don’t want a slippery surface film.

How much space do you need for a chaise lounge?

Dining area for 6-8 people: 12′ x 12′ (minimum) Chaise lounge: 4′ x 7′ (or 7′ x 7′ for two)

How small can a backyard pool be?

While the sizes and dimensions of pools vary, anything that’s about 10 feet by 10 feet or smaller is typically considered a small pool. In terms of depth, three feet is standard for soaking and floating, and four to five feet and above is the best depth for lap pools. From there, it’s up to you.