What is the difference between an AVO and an Ivo?

What is the difference between an AVO and an Ivo?

An Intervention Order is to protect someone, adult or child, from particular behaviour that may occur towards another person, the likelihood must be high. AVO is where violence has already occurred and is seen to more than likely occur again.

Do police checks show intervention orders?

While an intervention order should not be recorded on a person’s criminal record, it may show up on a police clearance check, which may then effect employment or other opportunities for which the applicant is required to obtain a satisfactory police clearance.

Is an IVO a criminal offence?

While IVOs are civil Orders (meaning it’s not a criminal charge), breaching the conditions of an Order is a criminal offence which can result in criminal penalties.

What was Ivo’s mandate to the Lightworkers?

Ivo’s mandate for earth is to help awaken lightworkers and to help humanity as we ascend towards 5D, and Sharon is key in this. The only being able to channel him, they work as a team to spread information to awaken and enlighten all on earth.

What does it mean when your mother in law dies?

Dreaming of a mother in law dying or falling ill – If you dreamed of your mother in law dying or falling ill, that dream is a very good sign, symbolizing your longevity. In some cases, this dream could indicate encountering some problems at work, or the diminishment of family property.

Why are Ivo Stewart and Sharon Stewart on Earth?

Ivo and Sharon have written channeled books to provide information to Lightworkers and Starseeds who want to know why they are on earth, what is happening as they undergo Ascension and what will happen on 4D earth as GESARA law is implemented. Available where e-books are sold. Videos on youtube.

Where does the voice of Ivo come from?

Much like chakras, Karsha is the crown chakra. It is a channel that is found at the top of your crown or top of your head. This channel is opening like an aperture allowing information from your solar system and counterpart to communicate. When I hear the voice of Ivo I feel your connection is one.