What is the genus name for cycads?

What is the genus name for cycads?

Cycas L.

Family: Cycadaceae Pers.
Genus: Cycas L.
Type species
C. circinalis L.

Which kind of plant is Cycas?

Cycas, a genus of 105 species of palmlike tropical and subtropical ornamental cycads (family Cycadaceae), among them trees 12 metres (40 feet) or more in height.

What is the characteristics of Cycas?

Many cycad species are shrub-sized in stature, but some species are 20-60 ft (6-18 m) tall at maturity. The cycads typically have an unbranched central stem, which is thick and scaly. Most species grow relatively slowly and have a large, terminal rosette of leaves.

What animals eat cycads?

Cycads are source of food for many animals. Larvae of certain butterflies and ants eat secretion from the leaves, cattle feeds on the leaves, while fruit bats eat seeds.

Is Cycas a non Archegoniate?

Cycas is an archegoniate plant, in which female gametophyte contains archegonia. The archegonia are formed from the gametophytic cells lining the archegonial chamber. The number of archegonia formed in a gametophyte is variable among species.

Is Ephedra a gymnosperm?

Ephedra, genus of 65 species of gymnosperm shrubs of the family Ephedraceae. Ephedra is an evolutionally isolated group and is the only genus in the order Ephedrales (division Gnetophyta). Species are distributed in dry regions in both the Eastern and Western hemispheres.

Why are cycads so valued?

Because of their rarity and attractiveness as garden elements, cycads have great commercial value, particularly for “bragging rights”. So cycad poaching is big business. In January 2008, 103 extremely rare cycads valued at some R10m were stolen from the Lilly Cycad Reserve inside the Selati nature reserve in Limpopo.

Why do cycads have flagellated sperm?

Then a sperm cell of the pollen grain swims through the pollen tube using its whip-like tail, or flagella, and fertilizes the egg to form a zygote. It is significant that the cycads have flagellated sperm cells, which is considered a primitive (i.e., ancient) characteristic.

What are the names of all the Sagittaria plants?

Diphorea Raf. Drepachenia Raf. Sagittaria is a genus of about 30 species of aquatic plants whose members go by a variety of common names, including arrowhead, duck potato, katniss, Omodaka (沢瀉 in Japanese), swamp potato, tule potato, and wapato (or wapatoo ).

Where does the genus Cycas live in the world?

The genus is native to the Old World, with the species concentrated around the equatorial regions – eastern and southeastern Asia including the Philippines with 10 species (9 of which are endemic), eastern Africa (including Madagascar), northern Australia, Polynesia, and Micronesia.

Which is the only genus in the family Cycada?

Cycas is the type genus and the only genus recognised in the family Cycadaceae. About 113 species are accepted. Cycas circinalis, a species endemic to India was the first cycad species to be described and was the type of the generic name, Cycas. The best-known Cycas species is Cycas revoluta. Cycas is a very ancient genus of trees.

Which is the only species of Cycas that is threatened?

Cycas species are threatened worldwide and almost all the species are listed in IUCN Redlist. Cycas beddomei is the only species of the genus Cycas listed in Appendix I of CITES. Cycas rumphii and Cycas pectinata have the most widespread distribution Cycas rumphii Miq.