What is the latest technology in the classroom?

What is the latest technology in the classroom?

Top 10 Current Educational Technology Trends In 2020/2021

  • eLearning.
  • Video-Assisted Learning.
  • Blockchain Technology.
  • Big Data Will Get Bigger.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Learning Analytics.
  • Gamification.
  • Immersive Learning With VR And AR.

How do you stay up to date with technology in the classroom?

How to Keep Up with Tech Trends in Education Over Summer Break

  1. Read Educational Blogs. The internet is an invaluable tool with an enormous amount of information.
  2. Subscribe to an E-Newsletter or RSS Feed.
  3. Read Relevant Social Media Pages.
  4. Access an Ed Tech Podcast.
  5. Explore Professional Development Options.

How do you plan to keep abreast of technology and stay current and productive?

Read on to learn their varied strategies for staying current on tech.

  1. Turn to engineers.
  2. Monitor social media.
  3. Look to the next generation.
  4. Use a top-down, bottom-up approach.
  5. Balance new and traditional media sources.
  6. Reading and research firms.
  7. Pay attention to Washington.
  8. Watch TED Talks.

What teaching style is best for today’s students?

Proven to be the most effective in a number of ways, an active learning style is best suited for interactive classrooms. That is to say, both the teacher and the student are engaged in the teaching style and learning process which helps the student gain knowledge, information modeled to be useful.

What are the tools of technology?

Overview of Technology Tools

  • Audio. Use audio to provide feedback, add narration to a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, image or b-roll, or an expert interview.
  • Blogs & Wikis.
  • Citation Management & Social Bookmarking.
  • Synchronous Sessions.
  • Photo Sharing.
  • Video.
  • Canvas Tools.
  • Additional Technology Tools.

How do you stay abreast of new technology?

Here are 13 ways you can stay current with technology trends:

  1. Join a professional organization.
  2. Find a mentor.
  3. Attend industry conferences and tech events.
  4. Devote time daily to tech news.
  5. Connect with social media.
  6. Prioritize learning.
  7. Share ideas with your peers.
  8. Watch TED talks.