What is the law about a fence around a pool?

What is the law about a fence around a pool?

Swimming pools that are in ground, completely or partially, must be enclosed by a fence. Above ground pool installations may need fencing, depending on water depth. Portable pools are usually not legally required to have a fence. However, if unfenced, between uses they should be either covered or emptied and stored.

Can a boundary fence be a pool fence in Qld?

Dividing fences that also serve as pool barriers are common in Queensland. Both you and your neighbour are responsible for maintaining this barrier under the pool safety laws. Read about using dividing fences as pool barriers.

How close to a boundary fence can you build a pool?

Swimming pools generally need to be at least 1000mm from the boundary. The boundary can be your backyard fence or a barrier that is suitable to be classified as a boundary fence. You should contact your local council to find out your location’s specific requirements.

Is it illegal to not have a pool fence in Australia?

Australian Standard for swimming pools and fences Australian Standard AS 1926.1-2012 is the most recent update to home pool regulations. Importantly, it does not make any distinction between pools. If the depth of the pool is 300 mm or more, the pool must be fenced in, even if it’s an inexpensive blow-up pool.

How tall does a fence have to be around a pool?

4 feet high
A fence completely surrounding the pool is better than one with the house serving as the fourth side. Fences should be a minimum of 4 feet high, although fences 5 feet or higher are preferable. If the home serves as one side of the barrier install door alarms on all doors leading to the pool area.

What height fence is required around a pool?

48-inches high
Fence height and clearance requirements: Installed pool fences should be at least 48-inches high from finished ground level, as measured along the outside of the fence and should have no more than a two-inch gap from the bottom of the fence to the ground.

What kind of fence goes around a pool?

There are different Pool Fence Types and you should choose the one that ideally suits your needs and aesthetic preferences.

  • Aluminum Pool Fencing. Aluminum pool fences are valued for their high level of durability and anti-rusting properties.
  • Glass Pool Fence.
  • Mesh Pool Fences.
  • Wrought Iron Pool Fences.
  • Wood Pool Fences.

    How much space do you need around a pool?

    Most people need between 600 and 900 square ft. of patio around a pool. That’s enough room for a table and chair set, some chaise lounges, and a comfortable walking space around the perimeter of the pool.