What is the longest playing rock song?

What is the longest playing rock song?

“Thick as a Brick” is the longest popular rock song ever recorded. It is so long that it’s actually the only track on the album, with each part taking up an entire side!

What songs are exactly 5 minutes long?

5 Minute Long Songs

  • Home – 2019 – RemasterEdward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.
  • Cinema – Skrillex RemixBenny Benassi, Gary Go, Skrillex.
  • Hold Me DownMotion City Soundtrack.
  • Cameo Lover – Sam Sparro & Golden Touch RemixKimbra, Golden Touch, Sam Sparro.
  • ComedownBush.
  • UnawareAllen Stone.
  • Yoü And ILady Gaga.
  • Marvins RoomDrake.

What songs are over 10 minutes long?

10 of the best songs over 10 minutes long

  1. Guns N’ Roses – Coma (10:16)
  2. Iron Maiden – Rime of the Ancient Mariner (13:39)
  3. Led Zeppelin – Achilles Last Stand (10:31)
  4. Tool – Rosetta Stoned (11:11)
  5. Pink Floyd – Dogs (17:05)
  6. Dream Theater – Octavarium (23:58)
  7. The Doors – The End (11:43)
  8. Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Chile (15:00)

Can a song be too long?

Share All sharing options for: A hit song is usually 3 to 5 minutes long. Here’s why. All pop songs may not sound the same, but most are close to the same length. So many songs are close to three minutes long that that length has become lore.

What songs are 4 minutes long?

Songs That Are 4 Minutes And 20 Seconds Long

  • Lady Gaga – Born This Way.
  • Nicki Minaj – Anaconda.
  • Mumford & Sons – I Gave You All.
  • The Beatles – Come Together.
  • Kid Cudi – Marijuana.
  • Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day.
  • Celine Dion – When I Fall In Love.
  • Gucci Mane – Hell Yes.

What is the longest rock song with lyrics?

2112 by Rush This track being 20:33 long, is the longest song or suite in Rush’s library. It is a seven-part suite with lyrics written by drummer Neil Peart telling a dystopian saga set in a future with no music.

How long does a song have to be to be considered long?

The length of a song on an album doesn’t matter for anyone except for the artist and fans, but a song that hopes to make money and be played on the radio simply has to be a certain length. Either that, or radio stations will edit the song down to the standard, making it three to four minutes, just like the 45.

Are there any classic rock songs over 7 minutes?

But there is a metric ton of classic rock tracks that are also over 7 minutes long and they had to get their own list. So buckle up cupcakes, here’s the Top Ten Songs Over 7 Minutes Long (Classic Rock edition). When you think of classic rock songs and you think of LONG classic rock songs, In A Gadda Davida.

Which is the best song over 6 minutes?

Top 10 songs over 6 minutes long 1) Beautiful Death ~ Wintersun 2) Through The Fire And The Flames ~ DragonForce 3) Valley of the Damned ~ DragonForce 4) Fear of the Dark ~ Iron Maiden 5) A Fury Divine ~ Amon Amarth 6) Starchild ~ Wintersun 7) Black Winter Night ~ DragonForce 8) Elembivos ~

Which is the longest song in the world?

Songs that reached 10 minutes only because of an extended jam at the end will receive less credit than songs that legitimitely exceeded 10 minutes without an extended jam. Also, songs that were edited down and also issued in a shorter version will lose some credit. 1. Rapper’s Delight – Sugarhill Gang (15:00)

How long does a song have to be to be considered a song?

Criteria: Songs must be 10 minutes or longer. This means on their original release either on an album, EP or a single – remixes do not count. Songs were chosen and ranked based on initial and lasting popularity, acclaim and influence.