What is the role of an incorporator?

What is the role of an incorporator?

An incorporator is the individual who organizes the incorporation and arranges for the Articles of Incorporation to be filed with the Secretary of State. The incorporator signs the Articles, verifying the information submitted is true and correct.

Is incorporator same as board of directors?

Both incorporators and directors play important roles with regards to corporate entities. Typically, the duties of these individuals vary greatly. An incorporator’s primary role takes place before a corporate entity is formed, and a director’s duties kick in after corporate formation.

What is the difference between an incorporator and an agent?

While an incorporator can be a registered agent, the roles each play are significantly different and should not be confused. An incorporator: Is the individual listed in the Articles of Incorporation filed with that Secretary of State as being responsible for setting up the business in the state.

Who should be an incorporator?

The incorporator is the person or persons who organize the corporation and file the Articles of Incorporation. Once the filing is complete the incorporator’s function is usually finished. After that the management of the corporation is performed by the directors.

Is my nonprofit name taken?

In many states, you can check corporate name availability online by going to the state’s filing office website. Or you can call your state’s corporations division and ask whether your proposed name is available for your use.

Can an incorporator not be a director?

The incorporator does not have to be a shareholder, director, or officer of the corporation. Sometimes the incorporator will be an attorney or other person who is assisting with the organization of the corporation. Often, the incorporator(s) will be one or more of the initial organizers of the business.

Can I be my own incorporator?

Yes, you can serve as both the Incorporator and the Registered Agent. A registered agent is someone who needs to be present at a company’s business address to receive legal correspondence during standard business hours.

Who can be incorporators only?

Incorporators are those stockholders who originally form a corporation, and whose signatures appear in the Articles of Incorporation. Each incorporator must own at least 1 share of the capital stock.

Are incorporators also shareholders?

Incorporator Vs. A shareholder is an individual who owns a percentage of your company, in a given case where the board of directors decides to issue shares. In addition, while an incorporator chooses a board of directors, shareholders vote on them. One such example is when Apple, Inc.