What is the test button on a Samsung ice maker?

What is the test button on a Samsung ice maker?

Locate the test button. It’s a rectangular button near the front of the ice maker, on the side or bottom. There may be writing that says TEST or an arrow pointing at it. Press and hold the button until you hear a chime indicating that the test is starting.

What does the ice maker test button do?

When you press the ice Test button, you will hear the refrigerator chime or ding-dong. When the chime sounds, release the Test button. The chime sounds automatically again to let you know the ice maker is working properly.

Where is the test fill button on my ice maker?

The refrigerator’s display will have an ice on/ice off icon. On the underside of the front of the tray is a test/fill button. Press and hold that until the ice maker begins to turn and run through a cycle.

How do I get my Samsung ice maker to work?

Sometimes, a Samsung ice maker not working properly requires a reset to resume ice production….Reset the Ice Maker

  1. Remove the ice bucket.
  2. Locate the test button on the side or bottom of the ice maker.
  3. Press and hold the button until you hear a chiming sound.
  4. Replace the ice bucket to see if ice production resumes.

Why did my Samsung ice maker stop working?

If the ice maker appears to not be making any or enough ice, low water pressure or a faulty water filter may be to blame. When the ice maker makes small, cloudy, or clumped ice, it could be something as simple as a dirty water filter, low water pressure, or high mineral deposits in your water.

How do you test a ice maker control module?

Test helps…. Ice maker plugged in to the refrigerator. Shut-off arm down and the freezer is cold ( below 15ºF ). Test points L & N will verify 120 volts to Ice Maker module. (Make sure your test probes go into the test points 1/2″.)

Did Samsung fix icemaker?

ClassAction.org and other sources say Samsung has done nothing to help owners with their ice maker problems, including failure to issue a recall or to repair ore replace the refrigerators.

What do I do if my ice maker won’t stop making ice?

Fix: Start by making sure all electrical connections are properly seated. Slide the refrigerator out from the wall, turn off the water supply valve and disconnect it from power. Locate the quick release plug on the back wall inside the freezer. Unplug the connection it and reconnect it to ensure it’s fully connected.