What PSI should my paint gun be at?

What PSI should my paint gun be at?

Setting the air pressure to about 28-29 PSI for clear will ensure you having great flow out. Most HVLP spray guns will use 10-14 scfm at 40 psi. This is volume of air pressure per cubic foot.

Why is my spray paint gun not spraying?

If your paint gun is not spraying paint at all, it’s most likely due to a clog either in the air vent hole or the hose. Clean any dried paint with a toothpick, and use a cleaning solvent to clear any remaining gunk. If you’ve cleaned your paint gun and find that it still isn’t spraying, take a look at the air supply.

What are the controls on a spray gun?

Most spray guns have three basic controls that will allow you to adjust for optimum performance on your projects. These controls are: the fluid adjustment, the fan control, and the air micrometer (see diagram).

How big of an air compressor do I need for a HVLP spray gun?

A gun that uses 15 CFM of air doesn’t need a compressor that will produce that much air as long as you have a tank large enough to hold enough reserve air to get you around the car. I usually recommend that you use a compressor that has a minimum of 60 gallon tank and produces around 13 CFM.

Is a gravity feed spray gun better?

Summary. In most cases, a gravity feed paint spray gun is the better choice thanks to its efficient and versatile design. Although HVLP is a requirement in most areas, whether or not you use an HVLP gun, gravity feed offers the advantage over conventional feed because of the lower air pressure requirement.

Why is my paint gun spraying dry?

Paint being deposited on the surface in a powdery condition. Viscosity of paint too high, use of incorrect or poor quality thinner. Poor spraying technique, dirty spray gun, compressed air pressure too high, gun held too far from the surface during spraying. Spraying in draughts or in a high velocity airflow.

How many Litres per minute does a spray gun use?

The 1.5mm nozzle is suitable for use with paint, top coats and sealers. You have ultimate control to get the perfect finish with the air regulator valve and the fan and fluid adjustment dials. An air compressor with a minimum delivery rate of 85 litres per minute is needed to run this spray gun.

How does a star’s series spray gun work?

Every Star S Series Spray Gun has passed QC and been tuned for optimum performance before it reaches your hand. The gun trigger has a 2-step mechanism. The first triggering point opens the air valve, and only air should flow through. When the the trigger is further squeezed, the paint material is pulled out from the nozzle due to gravity.

What kind of gun is the star S770?

Star S770 Conventional spray guns 1.5mm – 3mm – Airblast Australia Skip to content COVID-19- Video meetings with sales and product specialists available. Telephone: 1300 247 111

What kind of spray gun does Magnum use?

Magnum Airless Paint Sprayer Pneumatic Airless Sprayers Hoses / Fittings Air Line Clamps Air Line Couplers A-type Air/Fluid hose Airless Hoses Blue Max II Hose