What song remakes are better than the original?

What song remakes are better than the original?

30 covers that are better than the originals

  • Johnny Cash, ‘Hurt’
  • Nirvana, ‘The Man Who Sold The World’
  • The Futureheads, ‘Hounds of Love’
  • White Stripes, ‘I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself’
  • The Beatles, ‘Twist and Shout’
  • The Fall, ‘Lost in Music’
  • The Who, ‘Young Man Blues’
  • Arctic Monkeys, ‘Love Machine’

What is Rod Stewart’s most famous song?

Top 10 Rod Stewart Songs

  • of 10. “Downtown Train” (1989)
  • of 10. “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy” (1978)
  • of 10. “Have I Told You Lately” (1993)
  • of 10. “You’re In My Heart (The Final Acclaim)” (1977)
  • of 10. “Young Turks” (1981)
  • of 10. “All For Love” with Bryan Adams and Sting (1993)
  • of 10. “Passion” (1980)
  • of 10. “Forever Young” (1988)

What Dylan songs did Rod Stewart cover?

Rod Stewart sings 12 Bob Dylan songs – Happy Birthday Rod Stewart

  • The Wicked Messenger. The Faces – 1970.
  • Only A Hobo. From “Gasoline Alley” (1970)
  • Tomorrow is a Long Time. From “Every Picture Tells a Story” (1971)
  • Mama, You Been on My Mind.
  • Girl From The North Country.
  • Just Like A Woman.
  • Sweetheart Like You.
  • If Not For You.

Who is Rod Stewart’s best friend?

Ronnie Wood
Ronnie Wood is Rod Stewarts best friend. They have often talked about their similar noses and hair.

What is most covered song ever?

According to Guinness World Records, “Yesterday” has the most cover versions of any song ever written. The song remains popular today with more than 1,600 recorded cover versions. Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) asserts that it was performed over seven million times in the 20th century alone.

Does Rod Stewart write songs?

Jeff Beck Rod was the vocalist in the Jeff Beck Group….Original songs.

Title Tonight I’m Yours (Don’t Hurt Me)
Written by Rod Stewart, Jim Cregan, Kevin Savigar
Originally by Rod Stewart
Original date October 1981
Covered by Covered by (3 artists)

Who has covered Rod Stewart songs?

Covers by Rod Stewart

Title Performer Release date
Angel Rod Stewart July 1972
As Time Goes By Rod Stewart & Queen Latifah November 28, 2003
Auld Lang Syne Rod Stewart October 30, 2012
Baby Come Home Rod Stewart & P.P. Arnold 1975

How old is Rod Stewart?

76 years (January 10, 1945)
Rod Stewart/Age

The football-mad singer, 76, revealed he and his model wife split briefly a few years ago, which led to Sir Rod recording Picture in a Frame to prove his feelings for Ms Lancaster.

Are Rod Stewart and Ronnie still friends?

If you want to tell them, tell them. ‘” Ron’s friendship with Rod dates from 1969 when the Faces formed after the Small Faces split. Their hell-raising antics on tour cemented their relationship and, despite the band splitting in 1975, they’ve stayed pals.

What is Rod Stewart 2020 worth?

As of January 2020, Stewart’s estimated net worth is $240 million. He gained his wealth mainly through successful albums and single sales.

What kind of music does Rod Stewart sing?

Rod Stewart is one of the true classic artists out there. Over the recent years he has worked on remaking old time tunes from long before my time but I LOVE Rod Stewart is one of the true classic artists out there. Over the recent years he has worked on remaking old time tunes from long before my time but I LOVE

When did Rod Stewart Sing Forever Young at the MTV Video Music Awards?

In September 1988, Stewart performed “Forever Young” at the 1988 MTV Video Music Awards at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, and in 1989 he received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for the song.

When did Rod Stewart and Suzannah Stewart break up?

She became pregnant, but neither Rod nor his family wanted him to enter marriage; the baby girl was given up for adoption and Rod and Suzannah’s relationship ended. In 1962, Stewart began hanging around folk singer Wizz Jones, busking at Leicester Square and other London spots.

When did Rod Stewart release Every Picture Tells a story?

Stewart’s 1971 solo album Every Picture Tells a Story made him a household name when the B-side of his minor hit “Reason to Believe”, “Maggie May”, (co-written with Martin Quittenton) started receiving radio play.