What was the purpose of the Redfern speech?

What was the purpose of the Redfern speech?

Keating’s aim was to shift the locus of Australian identity away from a British-centred past to a history grounded in the Australian experience, revitalising the movement toward an Australian republic that had cut all ties with Britain.

When was the Redfern address?

December 10, 1992
Redfern Park Speech/Start dates
On 10 December 1992, at the official opening of the United Nations International Year of the World’s Indigenous Peoples in Redfern Park New South Wales, the then Prime Minister the Honourable Paul J Keating made a landmark speech which influenced the relationship between the Australian state and the original Indigenous …

What was the apology speech?

On 13 February 2008 Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made a formal apology to Australia’s Indigenous peoples, particularly to the Stolen Generations whose lives had been blighted by past government policies of forced child removal and Indigenous assimilation.

What did the 1995 Bringing Them Home report reveal?

It concluded the forced removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children was a gross violation of human rights.

Why is Redfern called Redfern?

Redfern was named after surgeon William Redfern who was granted 100 acres of land in 1817 by the Governor of New South Wales, Lachlan Macquarie. In August 1859, Redfern was proclaimed a municipality of Sydney. Redfern gave birth to Australia’s first Aboriginal-run health, legal and children’s services in the 1970s.

What caused the Stolen Generation?

People who were removed as children were often deprived of living in a healthy family situation and prevented from learning parenting skills. In some instances, this has resulted in generations of children being raised in state care. Some people and organisations call this a ‘new Stolen Generation’.

Who opposed the Stolen Generation?

Opposition leader Brendan Nelson also delivered a 20-minute speech. He endorsed the apology but in his speech Nelson referred to the “under-policing” of child welfare in Aboriginal communities, as well as a host of social ills blighting the lives of Aboriginal people.

When was the stolen generation stopped?

By 1969, all states had repealed the legislation allowing for the removal of Aboriginal children under the policy of ‘protection’.

Is Redfern gentrified?

“Redfern has undergone significant gentrification in the last decade and now proudly presents as one of Sydney’s most desirable city fringe suburbs adjoining the affluent Surry Hills” he said.

Is Redfern safe?

Redfern still ranks well towards the top-end in Sydney per capita for home break-ins, drug offenses, disorderly conduct, domestic violence and many other important crime indicators; it’s one thing to be progressive, but it’s another entirely to deny reality.

What was the significance of the Redfern Speech?

Curator’s notes. Often referred to as Keating’s ‘Redfern Park Speech’ or the ‘Redfern Address’, it was given to a largely Aboriginal audience who were visibly and deeply moved by his words. This speech is notable for the tangible and passionate acceptance of responsibility for Aboriginal loss, devastation and trauma.

What did Keating say in the Redfern Speech?

In the speech Keating challenges the established views of history held by many settler colonial Australians by outlining the outrages committed against Australia’s Indigenous peoples in the course of colonial takeover of their country. He called upon the Australian people to imagine if these outrages had happened to us – how would we feel?

What was the original purpose of Redfern Park?

Beyond politics however, Aboriginal sporting activities have a long history at Redfern Park. Cricket pitches and bowling greens were a feature of the original park in the 1880s; later, lawn tennis courts were introduced in the interwar years.

Which is the best park in Redfern NSW?

It retains much of its Victorian character and provides a green oasis in Redfern. In 2014 Redfern Park was internationally recognised as one of the top parks in the world after receiving a prestigious Green Flag Award for recreation and relaxation.