What years did Jess Settles play at Iowa?

What years did Jess Settles play at Iowa?

Per Game

Season School GS
1993-94 Iowa 27
1994-95 Iowa 19
1995-96 Iowa 32
1996-97 Iowa 2

Where did Jess Settles play high school basketball?

Jess Settles attended Winfield-Mt. Union High School and lived in Winfield, Iowa. He was named Mr. Iowa Basketball in 1993, and was a Parade All-American Fourth Team.

Where did Jess Settles grow up?

Winfield, Iowa
Settles grew up in the tiny farming hamlet of Winfield, Iowa. either made it or you went and got your boots on,” he says. “That’s called shooting under pressure.” NCAA tournament.

Where is Jeff settles from?

A native of Mt. Pleasant, IA, Settles was a three time all-state selection from Winfield-Mt. Union High School. He went on to play at the University of Iowa where he was named Big Ten Freshman of the Year and was named third team all-conference in his first season for the Hawkeyes.

Where is Jess Settles now?

During the tail end of his high school and college career, Settles said his role on the farm became diminished as he focused on basketball. Now, he works as a full-time farmer along with being an in-studio and courtside analyst for the Big Ten Network.

Who are the kids of Jess Settles from Iowa?

Jess’ brother, Jake, and Gary’s children, Allison and Lincoln, were also star athletes in the Winfield area, while the other side of Jess’ family, the Kriegers, have earned a lot of recognition. Jess’ mother was one of 10 daughters in the Krieger family and Settles said they are “all ballers.”

When did Steve settles leave the Iowa basketball team?

Iowa earned 78 victories during Settles’ four years as a Hawkeye, along with two trips to the NCAA Tournament coming in the 1995-96 and 1996-97 seasons. Unable to reach the ranks of professional basketball due to injuries, Settles moved to coaching.

Who was the Iowa State Hawkeye basketball coach?

Iowa State head coach Johnny Orr and Steve Fisher, head coach at the University of Michigan, were among the primary recruiters, and they would make visits to the farm. “They’d come rolling into the farm, and they’d sell their schools, and they’d see my court next to the manure pit,” Settles said.

Who are the parents of the former Iowa basketball player?

After a stellar basketball career, Jess Settles farms with his father, Steve, left, and uncle Gary, right. The former Iowa Hawkeye also works as a basketball analyst for the Big Ten Network.