When was the 1st Hindu temple built?

When was the 1st Hindu temple built?

The oldest written references to temples are from 300 and 400 CE, and the earliest surviving temple structures date back to 500 and 600 CE. The temple was not a Vedic institution.

Which is the oldest structural temple in India?

It is one of the oldest structural (versus rock-cut) stone temples of South India….

Shore temple
Location Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram, Chengalpattu District
State Tamil Nadu
Country India

Who built Mahabalipuram temples?

king Rajasimha/Narasimhavarman II
The Shore Temple of Mamallapuram was built during the reign of the Pallavan king Rajasimha/Narasimhavarman II, and it is the oldest structural temple of significance in South India.

What are the famous temples in India?

Badrinath Temple. The Badrinath Temple is one of the holiest and most ancient temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

  • Kashi Vishwanath. The Kashi Vishwanath Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Somnath Temple.
  • Tirupati Balaji.
  • Vaishno Devi Temple.
  • Lord Jagannath Temple.
  • Kedarnath Temple.
  • Siddhivinayak Temple.
  • Gangotri Temple.
  • The Konark Sun Temple.
  • Which is the oldest Hindu temple which still exists?

    Hindu Temple – The Changu Narayan Temple is the oldest temple that still exists and can be visited. It is situated in Kathmandu, Nepal. Some legends sustain that it dates back to 325 A.D. Founded by Licchavi King Hari Datta Verma.

    When did the Hindu temple culture start in India?

    The earliest Hindu temples found in India date back to the Gupta period (ca. 320-550 CE); one of these is the Dashavatara Vishnu Temple in Deogarh in central India, built ca. 500 CE. The period between the 6th and 12th centuries was marked by the appearance of a large number of states, most of which were ruled by Hindu dynasties .

    What is a name of a temple in India?

    the shrine was designed by Guru Arjan Sahib and its foundation laid by Muslim saint Hazrat Mian Mir

  • 13 km from Katra at the height of 1560 m above sea level with bright clouds
  • Kedarnath Temple.