Where can I find weapons in Dead Island?

Where can I find weapons in Dead Island?

Weapons are all over the island of Banoi, Moresby and Prison. They can be obtained by looking in Metal chests or getting them off Walkers. They can also be gathered by doing quests or side quests.

What is the strongest weapon in Dead Island?

[Top 10] Dead Island Best Weapons (Ranked)

  1. Eviscerator. >Me when I found it back in 2012.
  2. Crowd Pleaser. Buckshots are a zombie’s best friend!
  3. Defender of the Motherland. Great weapon for defending your motherland.
  4. Viking of the South. Badass.
  5. Assassin’s Greed. Get shanked, m8!
  6. Military Machete.
  7. Bushmaster.
  8. Tijuana Machete.

How do I get into the gun store in Dead Island?

Inside the gun store, defeat the zombies at close quarters. When you unbar the door to let Jared and Thomas in, the store alarm will sound off and two waves of zombies (Walkers, then Infected), will attack. Once you neutralize all marked enemies, the gun locker will be accessible.

What do the colors mean in Dead Island?

Rarity & Colors Green – Uncommon. Blue – Rare. Purple – Unique. Yellow / Orange / Gold – Exceptional.

What are the best weapons in Dead Island?

Dead Island: Riptide. Some Legendary Weapons return in Dead Island: Riptide , though being distributed in a different fashion and at a different rarity. Only five Legendary Weapons can be found in Dead Island: Riptide: Banisher. Bouncer’s Pal. Master Chef. Pick of Destiny.

What are the legendary weapons in Dead Island?

Legendary Weapons are uniquely named orange weapons in Dead Island, obtained from locked metal chests, random drops from Butchers or Rams, or as quest rewards. They are often very powerful compared to a same-level basic version of the weapon.

What are the best mods for Dead Island?

The 10 best Dead Island mods Still Alive Parkour. That’s Still Alive as in the song from Mirror’s Edge, not the song from Portal. Benjamin318’s Dead Island Better Resolution and Texture. Good old Benjamin318 (Did his parents really call him that? Amputator-Tots and Decapitator-Tots. Crysis. George Romero.

Are their gernades in Dead Island?

The Grenadier is a new enemy and zombie type introduced in Dead Island: Riptide. They are first introduced in the lab and can only be found there, the Japanese Tunnels, the ferry station, and the Henderson military base . The Grenadier can be seen as an alternate Floater, as they both share the same traits.