Where does Royal Caribbean cruise leave from?

Where does Royal Caribbean cruise leave from?

Royal Caribbean Cruises Departure Ports

North American Departure Ports Itineraries Season
Honolulu, HI United States 6 Sep 2021 – Oct 2022
Los Angeles, CA United States 112 Oct 2021 – Apr 2023
Miami, FL United States 445 Aug 2021 – Apr 2023
Port Canaveral, FL United States 383 Aug 2021 – Apr 2023

Where do most cruises leave from?

More Departure Ports Larger cruise departure ports, such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or New York City, are some of the most popular cruise ship departure ports.

What time can I get off my Royal Caribbean cruise?

In most environments the latest time to leave the vessel will be between 10:00am and 11:00am. Each ship will provide an as you depart flyer with the exact details for that vessel and port of boarding. Royal Caribbean offers two departure types: Regular and Self-Assist.

How early can you board a Royal Caribbean cruise?

Typically, most guests arrive around noon to 2pm. Keep in mind there is a cut off to when you can check-in for your cruise at the terminal. Royal Caribbean requires all guests to be checked-in and onboard the ship no later than 90 minutes prior to the published sailing time or you will not be permitted to sail.

How long is disembarkation?

Answer: It varies by cruise line, but can usually take up to 2 hours. While cruising is something that you can’t really call hard, it is something where delays can make your vacation difficult and stressful.

What is the best cruise out of Florida?

#1. Disney Fantasy. Disney Cruise Line.

  • #2. Disney Dream. Disney Cruise Line.
  • #3. Norwegian Joy. Norwegian Cruise Line.
  • #4. Norwegian Escape. Norwegian Cruise Line.
  • #4. Allure of the Seas. Royal Caribbean International.
  • #4. Harmony of the Seas. Royal Caribbean International.
  • #7. Jewel of the Seas.
  • #8. Mariner of the Seas.
  • How long can you stay on a cruise ship?

    How Long Can a Cruise Ship Stay at Sea For? Generally speaking, cruise ships can only stay at sea for around twelve days before they need to refuel. Despite this most cruise ships will refuel every few days as they stop at different ports.