Where does the company Hasbro get its name from?

Where does the company Hasbro get its name from?

Hasbro, Inc. ( / ˈhæzbroʊ /; a syllabic abbreviation of its original name, Hassenfeld Brothers) is an American multinational conglomerate with toy, board game, and media assets, headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Hasbro owns the trademarks and products of Kenner, Parker Brothers, and Milton Bradley, among others.

What kind of toy testing does Hasbro do?

Hasbro currently participates in a number of Toy Testing programs, including those run by the Canadian Toy Testing Council and Protégez-Vous/Options Consommateurs. In addition, parents have the opportunity to test out our Preschool toys with their little ones and then give feedback which helps a great deal in the development of our products.

Who is the customer service team at Hasbro?

We are here to help! Hasbro’s customer service team can assist with your requests. Our dedication also shows in the way we do business — learn about Hasbro’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. Setting up a new game?

Who is responsible for the content on Hasbro websites?

Hasbro does not control and is not responsible for the availability of, or content on, linked third party websites. Please be aware that your use of such third party’s linked website is subject to their privacy policy and terms of use, which may differ from those of Hasbro.

When did Hasbro merge with Playskool and Mattel?

To turn domestic performance around in 1994, Hasbro merged the Hasbro Toy, Playskool, Playskool Baby, Kenner, and Kid Dimension units into the Hasbro Toy Group. Meanwhile, Mattel purchased Fisher-Price and retook the top spot in the toy industry.

When did Henry Hassenfeld become CEO of Hasbro?

Hillel died in 1943 and Henry Hassenfeld became CEO, while his son Merrill became president. The company entered the plastic fields during World War II to support its toy line. Hassenfeld Brothers’ first toy hit was Mr. Potato Head, which the company purchased from George Lerner in 1952.

When did Milton Bradley merge with Hasbro Corporation?

In 1991, Hasbro purchased Tonka Corp. for $486 million, along with its units Parker Brothers, the maker of Monopoly, and Kenner Products. Milton Bradley and Parker Brothers were merged into one division. Alan moved to expand Hasbro overseas with new units in Greece, Hungary, and Mexico.

What kind of Toys did Hasbro make in the 1970s?

Hasbro also entered the cookware field with the Galloping Gourmet line based on a television cooking show. Two new 1970s toys were public relations disasters. One of the toys was named Javelin Darts which were similar to the ancient Roman plumbata.

When did Hasbro license the Lieutenant toy to Canada?

Hassenfeld Brothers expanded to Canada with Hassenfeld Brothers (Canada) Ltd. in 1961. The company was approached in 1963 to license a toy based on The Lieutenant, which they turned down because they did not want to be tied to a possibly short-lived television series.