Who are the two monsters in Beowulf?

Who are the two monsters in Beowulf?

Beowulf learns that there were actually two monsters plaguing Denmark, Grendel and his mother. He and his men follow the blood-trail to a boiling and glowing lake.

What is the first monster Beowulf kills called?

The protagonist Beowulf, a hero of the Geats, comes to the aid of Hrothgar, king of the Danes, whose great hall, Heorot, is plagued by the monster Grendel. Beowulf kills Grendel with his bare hands, then kills Grendel’s mother with a giant’s sword that he found in her lair.

Who are the real monsters in Grendel?


  • Grendel’s Mother.
  • Hrothgar.
  • The Dragon.
  • The Shaper.
  • Unferth.
  • Wealtheow.
  • Ork.
  • Is Beowulf a monster?

    Yes, Grendel and his mother are monsters in the story but Beowulf can also be considered a monster. Beowulf is also portrayed as a monstrous character by his actions and characteristics throughout the story, but that does not make him the bad person in the story.

    What makes Beowulf unique?

    In his youth, Beowulf is a great warrior, characterized predominantly by his feats of strength and courage, including his fabled swimming match against Breca. He also perfectly embodies the manners and values dictated by the Germanic heroic code, including loyalty, courtesy, and pride.

    Are the monsters in Beowulf evil?

    The poet describes two evils, the monster Grendel, whom Beowulf has just defeated, and Grendel’s mother, whom Beowulf will soon fight. Grendel’s mother is evil, not because she seeks sorrowful revenge but because she is a creature of hell who hungers for death.

    Who is wulfgar?

    Wulfgar is warrior and herald to Hrothgar, king of the Danes. He mediates between Beowulf and Hrothgar, taking initiative in diplomacy and directions. The high regard in which Wulfgar is held is also signified by the context in which we meet him.

    Is Grendel a boy or girl?

    Although Grendel looks something like a man — having two arms (or claws), two legs, and one head — he is much larger and can defeat dozens of men at a time. He is protected from man’s weapons by a magic charm.

    Is Beowulf a good guy?

    Beowulf was a great warrior but he was no hero. Beowulf was not a hero because he wanted fame for his deeds, was born a noble, and only thought about himself. In Beowulf, that little tidbit of information makes Grendel pure, 100% villain—he is a monster, and he is evil by nature.

    Who is the real monster in Beowolf?

    Beowulf. Having the main focus of the poem, Beowulf, being about monsters, the three major monsters depicted in the poem playing crucial roles were Grendel , Grendel’s Mother, and the dragon. Each monster had a big portion of the poem dedicated to them, in my opinion, Grendel’s mother had the smallest portion but it was still pretty big.

    What do the monsters in Beowulf symbolize?

    The monsters featured in Beowulf represent the outcasts of society, the followers of those outcasts, and the people who live beyond civilization and possess no values.

    What was the name of the monster that Beowulf fought?

    William the Conqueror is the name of a historical king that invaded England from France. That just leaves Grendel, the name the monster that Beowulf fights in Hrothgar’s kingdom.

    What role does the monster play in Beowulf?

    Monsters play a big role in the poem of Beowulf. Without them, there would not be much of a story, and there is a purpose for each of them. They are there to represent the forces that go against the grain, trying to stop others from prevailing.