Who are the Victorians for kids?

Who are the Victorians for kids?

1) The Victorians were the people who lived during the reign of Queen Victoria, from the 20 June 1837 until the date of her death on the 22 January 1901. It was an era of exciting discoveries, inventions and exploration following the Industrial Revolution.

What was it like for a child in Victorian times?

Victorian children lived very different lives to children today. Poor children often had to work to earn money for their family. Disease and early death were common for both rich and poor people. Victorian children did not have as many toys and clothes as children do today and many of them were homemade.

When was the Victorian era ks1?

The Victorian Era (1837 – 1901) She ruled for over 60 years and, during this time, Britain became very powerful and wealthy.

How many hours a day would a Victorian child work?

Due to a lack of proper ventilation, coal dust was very thick in the air. Considering that Victorian Children would work from 12 to 18 hours a day it is easy to see how respiratory problems could arise. There was constant noise, and rat infestation was very common in the mines.

What did the poor Victorians eat for breakfast?

The modern breakfast In the early years of the Victorian era breakfast would have consisted, if you could afford it, of cold meats, cheese and beer. In time this was replaced by porridge, fish, eggs and bacon – the “full English”.

What would a poor Victorian child eat?

For many poor people across Britain, white bread made from bolted wheat flour was the staple component of the diet. When they could afford it, people would supplement this with vegetables, fruit and animal-derived foods such as meat, fish, milk, cheese and eggs – a Mediterranean-style diet.

At what age did children begin to work?

Research has shown that the average age at which children started work in early 19th-century Britain was 10 years old, but that this varied widely between regions. In industrial areas, children started work on average at eight and a half years old.

What were Victorian children’s punishments?

Boys were usually caned on their backsides and girls were either beaten on their bare legs or across their hands. A pupil could receive a caning for a whole range of different reasons, including: rudeness, leaving a room without permission, laziness, not telling the truth and playing truant (missing school).

What did working children do in the Victorian era?

It mentions the different job roles such as chimney sweeps, street children, mine workers and factory workers. It also mentions laws that were put into place to help working children. At the end it mentions Dr. Barnardo and what he did as well as the artist Lowry from the Victorian era. 🙂

Which is the best book for children about the Victorian era?

VOICES is an exciting narrative non-fiction series that celebrates the lives of BAME protagonists during key eras of British history, for children aged 8+. Son of the Circus: A Victorian Story tells the story of Ted, the mixed-race son of Pablo Fanque (the first recorded black circus owner in Britain) and his introduction to life with the circus.

What should I teach in class about the Victorians?

A printable classroom banner that can be used as part of a topic about the Victorians. A fantastic presentation with lots of high quality information and images. A banner which can be used as part of a display about ‘The Victorians’. Ideas for running a Victorian Day in your classroom.

Who are some famous people from the Victorian era?

Victorian children loved an adventure story! 11) This period was a great time for the arts, too! Some of Britain’s best-known poets, thinkers and authors flourished in the Victorian era, like poet Elizabeth Browning, playwright Oscar Wilde and authors Emily Brontë and Charles Dickens.