Who is the highest paid eBay seller?

Who is the highest paid eBay seller?

Top 100 eBay Sellers

Rank Seller One Month Feedback
1 medimops 86,266
2 worldofbooks08 77,328
3 second.sale 61,775
4 thrift.books 52,171

How do I get to the sellers hub on eBay?

You can access eBay Seller Hub at ebay.com/sellerhub.

How do I become an eBay expert?

Tips for becoming an expert eBay seller

  1. Familiarize yourself with the eBay Seller Tools.
  2. Climb the eBay ladder.
  3. Make sure you have enough inventory.
  4. Purchase a few extra supplies.
  5. Read your eBay messages.
  6. Plan your time well.
  7. Dive into the Reseller Community.
  8. Know when it’s time to open an eBay Store.

Is there a telephone number for eBay?

1800 209 3229
eBay/Customer service

How do I sell on eBay for free?

Private sellers can list for free* on eBay – you’ll only pay for any optional upgrades you choose, and a final value fee when your item sells. The fees you pay on eBay depend on the item’s price, the format and category you choose for your listing, and any optional listing upgrades you add.

Does eBay charge for Seller Hub?

eBay Seller Hub is free to use and includes, listing, reporting and order management functionality. Existing Selling Manager Pro subscribers will continue to be charge $15.99 per month and will have access to eBay Seller Hub.

How do I succeed in eBay selling?

10 eBay Selling Tips from Crazily Successful Sellers

  1. Consult completed eBay listings for pricing guidance.
  2. Optimize item descriptions for SEO.
  3. Take quality photos to attract buyers.
  4. List items daily instead of all at once.
  5. Establish trust at every point of a sale.
  6. Price items low when you first launch your store.

How do I sell on eBay professionally?

How to sell successfully on ebay

  1. Build a profile. Just like social media, you’ll need to create a profile on eBay.
  2. Do your research.
  3. Avoid listing fees.
  4. Pick the right time.
  5. Picture perfect.
  6. Set your price.
  7. Think postage.

How do I complain to eBay?

1) Problem with your purchase? – How you contact your seller and open up a case.

  1. Go to the Resolution Centre.
  2. Choose “I haven’t received it yet” or “I received an item that does not match the seller’s description”.
  3. Click on “Continue” and sign in.
  4. Click on the item which you have a problem with and click “Open case”.