Who sang at 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Who sang at 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Chinese singer Liu Huan and British singer Sarah Brightman stood on the central platform and sang the 2008 Olympic theme song: “You and Me.” 2,008 performers then held out parasols with smiling faces of young children.

Who won the 800m & 1500m gold at the 2008 Olympics?

The men’s 1500 metres at the 2008 Summer Olympics took place on 15–19 August at the Beijing National Stadium….Athletics at the 2008 Summer Olympics – Men’s 1500 metres.

Men’s 1500 metres at the Games of the XXIX Olympiad
Competitors 48 from 30 nations
Winning time 3:33.11
Asbel Kiprop Kenya Nicholas Willis New Zealand Mehdi Baala France

What gymnasts were in the 2008 Olympics?

What Are The Members Of The 2008 U.S. Olympic Women’s Gymnastics Team Up To Now?

  • Shawn Johnson. Shawn Jonhson competes at the Olympic Games Beijing 2008 on Aug.
  • Nastia Liukin. Nastia Liukin competes on the balance beam at the Olympic Games Beijing 2008 on Aug.
  • Chellsie Memmel.
  • Samantha Peszek.
  • Alicia Sacramone.
  • Bridget Sloan.

How many people watched the 2008 Olympics opening ceremony?

1.5 billion viewers
Opening Ceremony dedicated global television coverage, 54% (616 hours) of which was broadcast live. Ceremony was 1.5 billion viewers.

Who won 2008 Olympic competition?

2008 Olympic Games Final Medal Rankings

rank country gold
1 United States 36
2 China 51
3 Russia 23
4 Great Britain 19

Was there an Olympics in 2008?

In 2008 the Olympic Games were held in China for the first time.

Who won the 2004 Olympics?

Russia finished third, (second in total medals), and also won the most bronze medals (38). Host nation Greece finished fifteenth, with six gold, six silver, and four bronze medals, in its best total medal haul since 1896….2004 Summer Olympics medal table.

2004 Summer Olympics medals
Most bronze medals Russia (36)
← 2000 Olympics medal tables 2008 →

Who won floor in 2008?

Men’s events

Games Gold Bronze
Floor exercise Zou Kai China Anton Golotsutskov Russia
Pommel horse Xiao Qin China Louis Smith Great Britain
Rings Chen Yibing China Oleksandr Vorobiov Ukraine
Vault Leszek Blanik Poland Anton Golotsutskov Russia

Who won 2008 Olympics gymnastics all-around?

Nastia Liukin
2008 Summer Olympics Medals – Artistic Gymnastics

Artistic Gymnastics – Women’s Individual All-Around Medals
Gold Nastia Liukin, United States
Silver Shawn Johnson, United States
Bronze Yang Yilin, China
Complete women’s individual all-around results

Where was the Olympic boxing held in 2008?

The boxing programme of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China was held at the Workers Indoor Arena . Medals were awarded in eleven events, with each event corresponding to a recognized weight division of male boxers.

Why was Beijing awarded the 2008 Olympic Games?

Thus Beijing was honoured to be awarded the 2008 Olympic Games, the first time in Olympic history that a city in the world’s most populous country would host the world’s most important sporting event.

Who was the host city for the 2008 Summer Olympics?

Beijing was elected as the host city for the 2008 Summer Olympics on 13 July 2001, during the 112th IOC Session in Moscow, defeating bids from Toronto, Paris, Istanbul, and Osaka.

Who are the cities bidding for the 2008 Olympics?

Of the 10 cities bidding for the 2008 Games, the IOC in August 2000 selected five candidates: Beijing, Toronto, Paris, Istanbul, and Ōsaka, Japan. On January 13, 2001, the Beijing Olympic Games Bid Committee officially submitted its bid to the IOC.