Why did Desperate Housewives get Cancelled?

Why did Desperate Housewives get Cancelled?

Desperate Housewives ended after season 8 because Cherry didn’t want the show to overstay its welcome. Making the decision in concert with Paul Lee, the president of ABC at the time, Cherry explained that he wanted to end the series while it was still valuable for the network.

How many episodes are in Desperate Housewives season 2?

24Desperate Housewives – Season 2 / Number of episodes

What was Mary Alice’s secret?

Tales from the Crypt: Mary Alice’s Secret (Season 1) — Mary Alice was the most mysterious housewife because only portions of her story were ever told. But later, it was unveiled that this devoted and loving mother killed her illegally adopted son’s mother and stuffed the body into a toy chest. Commit a vicious crime.

Who got paid the most on Desperate Housewives?

How much does Eva Longoria make? The Desperate Housewives alum’s fortune is valued at an estimated $80 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. This includes the more than $13 million she made in 2011, which ranked her as the highest-paid TV actress in the world that year.

Does Carlos sleep with the surrogate?

In the season finale, Gabrielle initially thinks Carlos has died but discovers that he has paid the gardener, Ralph, to do his community service and Ralph was hit by a car. She also discovers Carlos is having an affair with the maid/surrogate, Xiao-Mei.

Do Lynette and Tom get back together?

After Roy (Orson Bean) reminded Tom how important it is to say things to the one you love when you still have the chance to, Tom told Lynette that even though she’d moved on and was in love, she’d always be the love of his life. She told him the man she was in love with was him. They got back together.

Is Zach Mike’s son?

Wiki Targeted (Entertainment) Zachary “Zach” Young (formerly Dana Taylor) is the son of Deirdre Taylor and Mike Delfino and the adoptive son of Mary Alice and Paul Young.

Who killed the desperate housewife?

They moved to Fairview and bought a house on Wisteria Lane, changing their names to Paul, Mary Alice and Zach Young. In 1993, however, Deirdre came to their home, seemingly sober, demanding that she reclaim her son. After a verbal fight, Deirdre went to take her child, when Mary Alice stabbed and killed her.

When does Desperate Housewives Season 2 come out?

This article contains episode summaries for the second season of Desperate Housewives . 2.17 Could I Leave You? In the U.S., original episodes of the second season aired between September 25, 2005 and May 21, 2006. * Only featured in 10 episodes in original U.S. broadcast.

Why did the writers of Desperate Housewives leave the show?

Cherry left a majority of the season’s writing to other staff members, which many critics faulted as the reason for the decreasing quality of the series. Edelstein left the series after the first thirteen episodes of the season, and Spezialy followed in May 2006.

Where is the cul de sac in Desperate Housewives?

Colonial Street, which is the location of Wisteria Lane set for the series, went through additional changes prior to production on the second season. The cul-de-sac, known as “Circle Drive” by crew members, was heavily remodeled.

Who are the main characters in Desperate Housewives?

More frequent flashbacks featuring Rex, John Rowland, and George Williams, take us back to key moments in time for Bree, Lynette, Susan and Gabrielle and how they connect to the present.