Why did Victor not create a mate for the monster?

Why did Victor not create a mate for the monster?

Victor decides not to create a mate for the creature because he realizes the consequences behind creating a new life and not taking full responsibility for this creation. He has played God by bringing this creature to life but has failed miserably to nurture and educate this new being.

What is the significance of Frankenstein saying I was their plaything and their idol and something better?

I was their plaything and their idol and something better — their child, the innocent and helpless monster bestowed on them by Heaven. Victor speaks this quote as he recalls his happy and privileged childhood.

When was Mary Shelley born and died?

August 30, 1797
Mary Shelley/Date of birth

Does Victor create a female monster?

Summary and Analysis Chapter 20 Victor sets about his work, creating a second female monster. After following Victor and Henry through mainland Europe and England, the monster comes near Victor’s workshop in Scotland to see his mate.

Who is killed on Victor’s wedding night?

What happens on Victor and Elizabeth’s wedding night? The monster attacks and kills Elizabeth.

Why is Victor accused of murdering Henry?

Who has been murdered in Chapter XXI? Why is Victor accused of the murder? Victor was accused of the murder because witnesses saw a single man in a boat leaving the scene, and the boat resembles the one Victor arrived in. How does Victor feel when he regains consciousness in Chapter XXI?

Who was Victor’s best friend?

Henry Clerval
Henry Clerval Victor’s best friend who helps Victor in his time of need.

Would bless me as its creator and source?

A new species would bless me as its creator and source; many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to me. No father could claim the gratitude of his child so completely as I should claim theirs.

What happened to Mary Shelley’s baby?

Neither did Mary’s two daughters. Her son William died of malaria at the age of 3, and her fifth pregnancy miscarried. Only one son, Percy, grew up.

Why does Victor marry Elizabeth?

Victor does not love another, but he cannot forget the monster’s threat that he would be with Victor on his wedding night. He thinks this is a threat to his life, and he considers his options. And if Victor wins, the monster will be gone. He sees it as a win-win situation, so he resolves to marry Elizabeth immediately.

Who actually killed Henry Clerval?

Clerval is killed by The Monster in Scotland in revenge for Frankenstein not keeping his promise to create him a companion. Upon seeing Clerval’s body, Frankenstein suffers a breakdown and contracts a fever, but recovers after some time. Victor Frankenstein is blamed for his murder and imprisoned, but later aquitted.

Who was murdered in Chapter 21 of Frankenstein?

Terms in this set (41) Who has been murdered in Chapter 21? We find out in Chapter 21 that Henry Clerval has been murdered.

Who is Frankenstein’s closest friend?

Who was Frankenstein’s closest friend? It was Henry Clerval.

Why does the monster kill Victor’s family?

Rebuffed by man, it turns its hate against him. Its program of revenge accounts for the lives of Frankenstein’s bride, his brother, his good friend, and a family servant. William Frankenstein, Victor’s brother, who is killed by the monster while seeking revenge on its creator.

Who shall conceive the horrors of my secret toil?

“Who shall conceive the horrors of my secret toil as I dabbled among the unhallowed damps of the grave or tortured the living animal to animate the lifeless clay?”

Where did Frankenstein’s bride come from?

She was created by Baron Henry von Frankenstein to be the mate for his monster. Of course Henry’s assistant Igor wants the Bride for himself at the time when Henry makes plans to have a wedding at the Transylvania Astoria Hotel on Friday the 13th.

Does Percy Shelley cheat on Mary?

Jensen’s script has turned the early years of Mary Shelley’s life into a pure psychodrama determined by events. Percy lures her away; Percy cheats on her; Percy doesn’t know how to comfort her when her baby dies. Byron is rude to her and her dad is unsympathetic.

Who actually murdered clerval?