Why didnt TI get the trophy for killing the Ender Dragon?

Why didnt TI get the trophy for killing the Ender Dragon?

The achievements are very delayed on Xbox but if not that then it’s either a glitch or achievements are disabled on your world. As for the egg, it could have ended up in a small 1×1 gap or under the portal.

Do you get an achievement for killing the Ender Dragon?

Once the required amount of damage is done, the Ender Dragon will explode in an illuminating display and rain down experience from the heavens. With the Ender Dragon slain, the “Free the End” advancement is granted as a reward.

Does Minecraft ps3 have the end?

All production is officially ending on the last-gen versions of Minecraft, developer 4J Studios announced on Twitter. …

Does reviving the Ender dragon reset the end?

The End dimension itself is not affected by reviving the ender dragon. When you kill it again, you will get a new end gateway portal, which very likely points to a different outer island, which may include another end city.

Can you spawn the Ender dragon without the egg?

To Respawn the Ender Dragon in Minecraft requires making four end crystals. If you kill the ender dragon without grabbing your dragon egg, it will be destroyed. Once you have placed the last crystal beams of light will shoot towards each of the pillars until the last end crystal has formed.

What is the name of the achievement for killing the Ender dragon?

List of achievements

Achievement In-game description Gamerscore earned
The End. Kill the Enderdragon [sic] 40G
Enchanter Construct an Enchantment Table. 20G
Overkill Deal nine hearts of damage in a single hit. 30G

What is the Ender dragon weakness?

the ender dragons main weakness is explosives. yes, the thing that can barly hit him. in the arrows mod i use, when i headshot him with an explode arrow, it takes up about half his health!