Why have I been blocked from asking questions?

Why have I been blocked from asking questions?

Your questions are improperly formatted, or don’t really ask a question. They may be rhetorical, or create too many assumptions. You’re a troll, and you’ve had a number of downvoted questions. They may violate BNBR.

How can I get out of a question ban?

How can I get out of a question ban? Begin by improving your existing questions: do as much as possible to make them clear, specific and on-topic. The ban will be lifted automatically by the system when it determines that your positive contributions outweigh the cost of those questions which were poorly received.

What does it mean when someone refuses to answer a question?

Sometimes people are not ready to answer the question at the time, perhaps because they have other things on their mind. They may also refuse to answer because of contextual factors such as other people being there and the social embarrassment or status issues that answering would cause.

How do you respond to a question you don’t want to answer?

How To Successfully Respond To A Question You Really Don’t Want To Answer

  1. Make Sure You Understand The Question.
  2. Take Time To Respond.
  3. Answer Part Of The Question.
  4. Postpone Your Answer.
  5. Turn Around the Pronouns.
  6. Divert The Question.
  7. Give The Asker Some Control.
  8. Watch Your Tone.

Why is Quora 13+?

The ‘law’ on limiting the online age to 13 and over is mainly because of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (“COPPA”) of the USA. COPPA is U.S. law and doesn’t apply to sites hosted outside the USA. In reality, nearly all popular Internet services (based in and outside the USA) operate on COPPA.

How can I avoid being banned on Quora?

Ask a question about why the Quora admins perform incest and/or embezzle money. Comment on a variety of different answers, telling the authors that they are maternally incestuous products of a canine union, among other choice expressions. Change your name to something like Jesus H Christ, Napoleon Bonaparte, I.P.

Can you get banned from stack overflow?

Questions bans are triggered by automatic filters by many low-quality questions. The exact formula is secret, but users are only banned if they have a significant number of bad posts.

Why do narcissists avoid answering questions?

Narcissists don’t answer questions because they like it when you are confused and uncertain. So rather than give you any sort of clarity, they either don’t answer at all, or they only offer very vague answers. Or, in some cases, they’ll say something that is completely out of context.

What is it called when someone keeps asking you questions?

questioner Add to list Share. A questioner is someone who asks questions, especially in an official or formal capacity. A questioner is also an interviewer, so if you’re producing a radio piece, asking people on the street various questions, you are a questioner.

Is Quora safe for 13 year olds?

Is it appropriate for children? Quora is rated for teens ages 13 and older, and it can be safe for kids with adult supervision.

Can a 13 year old use Quora?

Originally Answered: Why is the minimum age on Quora above 13 if the official Quora account states you must be at least 13? At least 13 years old means 13 years old or older. It does not require you to be 14 years old. Someone 13 years old + one day is older than 13 years old.

Is Quora owned by Google?

No, it’s a privately held company. It does have investors who own part of the company through shares. For example, in April 2017 Quora raised $85 million in fundraising by selling shares it private investors (i.e. venture capital groups) on a ~$1.8 billon valuation.

Why did I get banned on Quora?

If a person violates Quora policy multiple times, they will usually receive content warnings and then temporary edit-blocks. If they keep violating policy after that, they will generally be banned from Quora.

Why did he ignore my question?

The reason that he avoids answering your questions might be because he doesn’t know the answer and he doesn’t want to say something that’s wrong. If that is the case then, depending on the question, it would be less likely that he would show strong signs of nervousness or deception.

Why do narcissists not answer questions?

What does it mean when someone keeps asking questions?

There are a number of reasons why they keep asking: You obviously evaded answering THE QUESTION they asked. You answered to another question due to misunderstanding. You didn’t answer the question AT ALL and the asker deemed they required one.

What is it called when you ask a question that is not meant to be answered?

Rhetorical questions are questions that do not expect an answer. A rhetorical question is a question asked to make a point, rather than get an answer.

What to do if someone keeps asking you questions?

17 Amazing Tricks for Dodging Unwanted Questions

  1. Enlist the help of a friend.
  2. Prepare a canned answer in advance.
  3. Use a “bridge” response to change the subject.
  4. Restate—and reframe—the question.
  5. Excuse yourself from an uncomfortable conversation.
  6. Be straightforward about your discomfort.
  7. Deflect with a joke.

How can I get unblocked from asking questions on Quora?

It’s quite simple. Just visit https://www.quora.com/contact and share your problem. The anonymous feature is not going to return.

Why does my friend keep asking questions?

There are many reasons why someone might ask too many questions. For example, the person might be very anxious and need to keep up conversation. Or the person may not have the social etiquette to know when questions begin to feel invasive rather than signaling genuine interest.

Is asking questions a sign of intelligence?

In fact asking questions is a sign of strength and intelligence – not a sign of weakness or uncertainty. Intelligent questions stimulate, provoke, inform and inspire. Finally some people are in such a hurry to get with things that they do not stop to ask questions because it might slow them down.

What is the stupidest question ever asked?

Dumbest questions ever asked

  • If animals could talk, which species would be the rudest of them all?
  • Would you rather own a horse the size of a cat or a cat the size of a horse?
  • Are there birds in Canada?
  • Should I tell my parents I’m adopted?
  • What happens if you paint your teeth white with nail polish?

How does the ask and wait block work?

The Ask () and Wait block is a Sensing block and a Stack block. The block will make the sprite using the block say the question and show an imput box at the bottom of the screen. If the question is being asked by the stage, the question will appear above the input instead.

When to apologise to a friend who blocked you?

You should apologise to her the very first time you talk, be it in person or not. If things don’t work out, if your friend isn’t as understanding as mine was, maybe it’ll be the last time you talk to her, but at least you can say that you tried.

Where does the answer block go in scratcher?

The block will make an input box (with the specified text above it) show at the bottom of the screen. Scratchers can input text into it and submit it, and the input is stored then in the Answer block. The Answer block automatically updates to most recent input.

When did I block a friend on social media?

Update the question so it’s on-topic for Interpersonal Skills Stack Exchange. Closed 1 year ago. I was wrong to a person via instant messaging. She blocked me on social media. Two months have gone by, I’ve done some soul searching, and I miss talking to her. I have her phone number.