Why would a house have two water heaters?

Why would a house have two water heaters?

Greater efficiency can be achieved by installing multiple, smaller tankless water heaters throughout the home. Hot water is then drawn from nearby tankless appliances instead of being lead through the home’s entire plumbing system from basement to point-of-use.

Can a new water heater be defective?

Most standard hot water heaters have a warranty period of 6 or 10 years. With proper care they can last longer. However, by the tenth year, you should check it more frequently – or replace it. A defective or “lazy” gas valve or a faulty heating element can cause the water temperature to drop below set temperatures.

Who bought State water heaters?

A.O. Smith Corporation
A.O. Smith Corporation (NYSE: AOS – Amex: SMCA) today reached a definitive agreement to acquire State Industries, Inc., a privately held manufacturer of residential and commercial water heaters. The acquisition price will be $58 million for all of the outstanding shares.

Can you connect two hot water heaters together?

Equipment being equal, two or more heaters connected in parallel will deliver more hot water than the same heaters connected in series. In a parallel configuration, the hot water demand is taken equally from each unit. Each heater will then perform the same amount of work to heat the cold water.

Is it better to have one large water heater or two smaller ones?

Keep in mind that you only heat the water you use, so a bigger tank by itself won’t have much more cost unless you draw more water from it and therefore have to heat more – IOW, keeping it hot isn’t a big thing, and the standby losses of one big one would be less than two smaller ones.

Is it better to have two water heaters?

If you have fixtures or appliances located some distance apart, it may be advisable to install two or more point-of-use on-demand water heaters to avoid unnecessary energy losses and prolonged delivery times.

Are State water heaters glass lined?

State commercial water storage tanks are designed for use with domestic water systems and provide storage capacity for large water draws. These uninsulated storage tanks are glass lined, built and tested in accordance with ASME code Section IV, HLW.

Are reliance water heaters made in the USA?

Reliance Water heater Overview Reliance manufactures residential and commericial water heaters and water pump tanks. Reliance Water Heaters is a subsidiary of A.O. Smith Water Products Company, headquarterd in Ashland City, Tennessee.