Differences Between P & G Programs

Differences Between P & G Programs

If you are planning to pursue your degree in psychology but do not have much time or money to study abroad, then the best option for you is to learn more about the importance of a Best PGDM college in Bareilly. The PGDM course stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Domestic Violence and is the domestic violence certification course that is approved by IAS and RSSF. In India, over 40% of domestic violence researchers are from PGDM. Moreover, this particular course in India provides a unique opportunity for young students who are willing to learn about the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and about understanding and managing interpersonal relationships. You will thus be equipped with sound theoretical and practical knowledge that will help you in your future job placements.

Why should you pursue PGD course in India? It’s important to note that there is no restriction on the student coming from outside the country to study in India for a Bachelor of Psychology, Bachelor of Business Administration or a master’s degree in Psychology. All that matters is that the student should possess the minimum eligibility for the program i.e. he/she should be eligible to get a PGD within the calendar year.

In India, there are numerous online coaching and research facilities offered by various top colleges in India such as AIIMS, IIM Ahmadabad, IIT Delhi, ICSE Delhi, and many more. There are also several government aided and privately aided professional Psychology institutions in India which offer PGDM course. However, these institutions do not award degree certificates. To earn a degree and pursue your career in psychology, you need to register with the reputed and accredited mental health institutes in India such as AIIMS, IIM Ahmadabad, IIT Delhi, ICSE Delhi, and many more.

India has many differences compared to Europe and USA. When we compare the English Proficiency Index (EPRI) score for students from the same country, it shows a difference of roughly 32 points. So, the performance of the students in the country varies from time to time. That is the reason; India offers various different modes of education and specialization for the sake of offering the best and well managed services for its people.

The various different courses are provided by the colleges for the PGD. They include; Marriage and Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Career counseling, Developmental Psychology, Organizational behavior, and School Psychology. These courses have a major difference when compared to the standard Psychology courses offered in the universities. One of the biggest advantages of an Indian university is that they are affiliated to a few top colleges in the world. For example, in the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), Delhi, India, all the Bhatye Psychology students come under the wing of the NIMH. If we take up the psychology courses at a good college located in the main region of India, such as in Chennai, we can expect the student to gain the maximum benefit from the education offered by the college and the university.

For pursuing the PGD, you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria stated by the institution. For most of the educational institutes, eligibility criteria comprises; holding undergraduate degree and having obtained some course work on the subject from an accredited college. After completing your graduation from a recognized college of psychology in an Indian university, you can proceed with the PGD procedure. For instance, in the Hyderabad University, you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria of possessing B average from among the students of the same faculty, or possess a high pass percentile from the students of the same faculty, or else you will not be eligible to pursue a post-graduate study in the said institute.

There are many organizations across the globe, which offer post-graduate degree for various subjects. Some of the organizations include the International PHD School, International Academy of Dermatology, and International Academy of Physical Therapy. The International PHD School is one of the prominent post graduate schools in Asia offering students the opportunity to pursue a post graduate degree in the program in dermatology. The institute also offers online programs in dermatology that can be followed by students residing in any part of the world. It has been reported that there are a thousand students who have been benefited through the International PHD School’s online post graduate degree in dermatology.

The major difference between the two is that the PGD is more advanced whereas the P Graduate is meant to prepare students to enter the corporate world. It is obvious that the difference lies on the syllabus and the mode of teaching. However, both the universities are equally capable of offering their course successfully. In case if you are looking forward to achieving success and being acknowledged in the corporate world, then either of the two universities can be considered as a great career option.