For Coffee, Packaging is Half the Battle

For Coffee, Packaging is Half the Battle

When consumers stroll down a store aisle or browse through a website, your packaging makes it easier for them to identify your product. Your coffee packaging gives you a distinct identity in the vast collection of other coffee products.

In this ever-changing industry, distinctive and identifiable packaging is essential. Your coffee packaging influences how people think of you. It is the way you package your coffee that makes consumers remember you.

Shoppers can’t see, smell, or taste your products before buying them, even if it’s a beautiful brew with great flavor. The package is your first and best chance to make a sale if they are unfamiliar with your brand, which is why the design of your packaging is so important. Its primary goal is to capture the attention of customers.

Most people assess your coffee solely on its packaging before purchasing it, and excellent packaging is like a present your customers get to unbox. It lends a sense of intrigue to your coffee product, piquing the interest of first-time consumers. Your custom coffee packaging is a physical reflection of its identity.

Improve Your Packaging with Mylar Bags and Metalized Film Bags

Multi-barrier bags made of Mylar and metalized film materials are ideal for long-term food preservation and work well with vacuum sealing. But why is that so? Because of the thick foil lamination layer, these bags have a very low Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR).

The film has three protective layers to keep off odor, light, and moisture. Mylar is a thin, flexible material that is nevertheless highly robust and durable. It’s puncture-proof and straightforward to use. The bag’s opacity will also help in preserving the nutrients in your product.

When done correctly, food preservation may keep products fresh for months or even years longer than typical food storage methods. Using Mylar bags or metalized film bags in combination with oxygen absorbers can extend your life by up to 20 years in some highly controlled situations.

The Art of Proper Coffee Packaging

The smell of coffee is well-known, and it is this aroma that you are trying to retain when you store coffee. Mylar bags are impervious to the elements. When coffee is exposed to oxygen, it loses its taste. The mylar bag keeps light, moisture, and air out, ensuring that your coffee remains fresh.

When you store coffee in Mylar bags, you can preserve most of the aroma, oil, and flavor that might otherwise be lost. Here are a few tips on how to preserve coffee in Mylar bags so your customers can savor every sip of the delicious brew.

  • It’s necessary to immediately seal the bags so that the oxygen absorbers can function correctly. An oxygen absorber takes around 2-4 hours to work. You should, however, strive to close your bags as soon as possible.
  • Avoid keeping oxygen absorbers out for more than 30 minutes; instead, leave them out for 10-20 minutes. Otherwise, they may collect too much outside air, preventing them from collecting all of the oxygen from your mylar bag.
  • Proper heat means a good seal, which is critical for long-term food preservation. If you get the sealing wrong, your food won’t survive for long.

Get Coffee Packaging that Supports Your Business

Of course, coffee beans can be packaged in simple paper bags. And although this may be acceptable for beans that will be used within a few weeks, it isn’t ideal for beans that must be kept fresh for weeks or months. As a consequence, the type of packaging you pick or see for beans and ground coffee is determined by the amount of time they will be stored, whether they will be transported in severe conditions, and what quality and freshness criteria you have.

Ensure your coffee is as fresh as the day it was packed with professional coffee packaging solutions. You owe your coffee business the best packaging that gives justice to the quality of your products.