Some Pointers to consider before you purchase a second-hand bike

Some Pointers to consider before you purchase a second-hand bike

Motorcycles in India go on to play a prominent role as the population travels by them daily. With the cities being cramped for space purchasing an old second  hand bike would be a better option to negotiate the challenges that tend to arise on busy roads. It turns out to be an affordable option for the masses.

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In the market, there are numerous manufacturers who are vying for the share of the buyers. So it is an obvious fact as a buyer you might be spoilt for choices. Be it a first-hand bike or a second-hand one the love of the owner towards the bike would be the same. The mere fact of owning a bike dishes out a special feeling. Some of us do not have the capacity to purchase a new bike, but it does not mean that we should be giving up on our dream. For all those who are on a tight budget opting for a second-hand bike is a better option. But before you are purchasing a second-hand bike there are some pointers to consider

The purpose of purchase

Understand the main reasons for the purchase of a bike. It does not seem to be the only expense you have to cover up the Maintainance of it. Examples might be in the form of fuel or bike insurance. You have to ask yourself questions like do you need a bike that enables you to commute in a cost – effective way or a cruiser-type bike that enables you to commute on long trips.

Proper research is vital

The moment you undertake the purpose it is necessary to have an idea about the numerous options available. Every dealer offers a different price when it comes to their bikes as some might go on to levy a high price. When it comes to the age of a bike it would also differ from one dealer to another dealer. No longer there is a need to depend upon a second-hand dealer for purchasing a bike. It is possible to purchase the bike from a reputed online dealer or your friend.

A thorough inspection of the bike

Observe the bike that you are planning to purchase through the eyes of a detective. You have inspected it properly and check out the scratches or dents from the outside.

Test ride

Quite often a scenario arises where a bike might look great from outside but you need to understand how it would feel from the interiors. If you test rides the bike you will be aware of the performance of the bike in total. Sometimes you could be well versed with the mechanics of a bike and even a ride on the bike for 5 minutes could mention about their health. If you happen to be a novice you can ask your friend or a trusted mechanic to guide you on how to test ride the bike.

Observe the chassis number

The question is are you comfortable with the bike you are about to purchase. You have to take some time out to check out the chassis number. The number which is on the engine has to match with that on the number plate.  It would be difficult to locate the number on an old second hand bike but a mechanic could do it rather easily. This number has to be mentioned on the registration certificate as well.

Servicing record

It would be great if you can obtain a servicing record of the bike. It would go on to showcase the degree of Maintainance work that has gone into the making of the bike. Even this would give you an idea of the amount of work that needs to be done on the bike. If you do not come across any written record you might ask for an estimate.

Proper documentation

When you are purchasing a second-hand bike there is a list of documents that you need to comply

  • Registration certificate
  • The bike insurance which is to be transferred on to your name
  • Pollution control certificate
  • The RTO forms which are form 28, 29 and 30
  • Sales receipt

Negotiate price

Considering the above points you need to negotiate on the price. An example Is if the bike has a dent or scratches then the price of the bike is expected to come down drastically.

Bike insurance

Be it first-hand or second-hand bike insurance is something that cannot be avoided. Even it is possible to purchase or renew insurance via an online route easily. But before you are going to purchase online insurance you need to compare it properly. It is possible to purchase an ideal policy if you are undertaking a proper comparison of the policy. So as to ensure that the policy does not lapse renew it before the expired date.

No matter whatever be the condition of the bike the onus is on you to maintain the condition of the bike. When you are planning to go on a long ride it should be without risks. In a way when you are riding on Indian roads risks are a part and parcel. In most cases, the risks involve financial liabilities at the end of the third parties. So it makes sense to ensure the maximum level of safety by opting for third-party insurance. This makes sure that you protect yourself from any damages that arise due to accidents.

If you are planning to take your vehicle out on the road you require mandatory third-party insurance which is necessary as per the motor vehicles act. The moment an accident arises the insurance company would be paying for these financial liabilities. You end up saving a lot of money and you obtain complete peace of mind when there is any form of an unfortunate incident that occurs.