7 Points to Consider Before Buggy Rental in Dubai

7 Points to Consider Before Buggy Rental in Dubai

Buggy rental in Dubai is a must-have of adventurous desert safari. Without a motorbike, it is unpleasant to relish the sand dunes. Whether you race or have a slow recreational ride, the following tips are necessary to consider beforehand.


Every business builds a reputation after a period of time. This reputation assists the new customers to judge the quality of the service. Before buggy rental in Dubai, determine what existing community says. You can search the forums online. 

The comments on the official Facebook pages are quite helpful. Moreover, also consider the testimonials on the official websites. Ask your friends for recommendations. Consult your peers who already had an adventure on Dubai dunes. 

Staff’s Behavior

Observe how the customer service team of the buggy renting company behaves upon contacting. The professionalism somehow depicts the work quality. Ethical behavior demonstrates that the company is serious to serve or retain the customer. This is just like a first impression. 

Moreover, notice whether the staff cooperates after renting or not. Vehicle hiring for sand rides is not enough. The customer service should remain in touch for the surety of the services. 

Additionally, observe how responsive they are. This will illustrate their availability. Try to use different modes to contact. For instance, phone call and email. 


Protection is also an important aspect of buggy rental Dubai service. Reputable companies like EduroBikeAdvanture.com offer first aid to the riders, in case of any injury. The customer service team stays till the end of the ride to ensure the safety. 

Moreover, they have the ability to solve all sorts of protection queries of the travelers. A trustworthy buggy service has its trained staff ready 24/7. 

Even you can ask the basic protection questions from the team. For example, whether to bring anything along or not. What are the payment modes? Or, is there any age limit to ride the buggy?

Additional Gear or Services

Other than the medication, determine what gear they offer. For instance, some dune buggy renting companies provide helmet. This is the symbol of care and skillfulness. Their training and expertise understand the requirements of a rider. 

Furthermore, the deals and discounts are also the approachable services. Attaining them can save some of your bucks. For instance, buying 2 tours and getting 30 percent discount. You can book online deals of diverse hours like 1 hour or 4 hours. 

Additionally, reliable companies also display touring tips on their websites to reduce injuries. Few are mentioned below:

  • Avoid speeding
  • Keeping distance is must
  • Turn the headlights on before the ride

Vehicle’s Condition

Before enjoying buggy rental Dubai service, determine the condition of the vehicle. The best way is to question on call first and then examine it live. Once you initiated the ride, the cancellation is impossible. 

Moreover, you already have paid the bill. Also, consult whether they offer maintenance during the ride or not.


Make sure the cost meets your budget. Paying extra for a ride can stress the other expenses. Always try to avail the offers first. Companies often facilitate the customers on the occasional basis. Furthermore, you can ask whether the prices are fixed or negotiable. 

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Multiple Options

Due to the elevated demand of adventure rides, there are numerous buggy renting businesses. Depending on just one option is not wise. Contact at least 4 or 5 companies. Often all choices are reliable. 

In such case, compare the features. For example, the costs and protection gear. Some might surpass others. Besides, pick the best suitable option to your requirements while staying in the United Arab Emirates.