Are Houstons and hillstone the same?

Are Houstons and hillstone the same?

In 2010, Houston’s shocked us all by changing its name to Hillstone. “We have a lot of regular guests that have grown up calling it Houston’s,” Hillstone Service Manager Laura Lewallen says. “They will continue to do that, which is okay – we are the same great, friendly restaurant we have always been.”

What is Houston’s called now?

Houston’s Rebrands Itself as Hillstone, Adds Seasonal Menu – Eater NY.

Who owns Maggianos?

Brinker International
Maggiano’s Little Italy/Parent organizations
Maggiano’s is owned and operated by Brinker International, Inc. (NYSE: EAT), one of the world’s leading casual dining restaurant companies, serving more than one million guests daily. Brinker owns or franchises more than 1,600 restaurants in 32 countries and two territories.

Who owns Elisabetta’s?

Big Time Restaurant Group
But you’ve got to give Elisabetta’s and its owners, Big Time Restaurant Group, credit. For a big, brash, 200-seat, two-level build-out on hallowed restaurant ground, Elisabetta’s is an unqualified success.

What does R D Kitchen stand for?

research and development
When we opened this restaurant our name was Café R&D and they changed the name two years ago to R+D Kitchen, which does stand for research and development. It was the first of this type of concept for the restaurant group.

Who owns the hillstone group?

George Biel
George Biel. CEO/Owner/Founder, Hillstone Restaurant Group Inc.

Where did the restaurant Houston’s start?

Nashville, Tennessee
The first Houston’s restaurant was launched by current owner and CEO George Biel, Joe Ledbetter and Vic Branstetter in 1977 in Nashville, Tennessee.

What is R and D?

Research and development (R&D) includes activities that companies undertake to innovate and introduce new products and services. It is often the first stage in the development process. The goal is typically to take new products and services to market and add to the company’s bottom line.

What did Hillstone restaurant used to be?

(formerly Houston’s Restaurants, Inc.), was founded in 1976 and owns the following restaurants: Gulfstream, Bandera, Rutherford Grill, Palm Beach Grill, Cherry Creek Grill, Los Altos Grill, Woodmont Grill, R+D Kitchen, Hillstone, the Honor Bar, Honor Market, South Beverly Grill, East Hampton Grill, White House Tavern.

Who owns Bricktops?

BrickTop’s is a Westend Restaurant, owned by Tom Brunnberg and Joe Ledbetter, one of the original owners of the first Houston’s in Nashville, Tenn.