Are marriage records public Colorado?

Are marriage records public Colorado?

Vital records, including birth, death, adoption, marriage and divorce, are confidential per Colorado state statute (C.R.S. As a result, Colorado vital records are not public records and therefore not searchable online. Vital records can only be released to those who are eligible.

How can I find when someone got married?

Marriage dates are public record….Go to the county records office.

  1. You need to go with as much information as you have about the marriage in question.
  2. This should include at least the names of the couple and the place of the marriage.
  3. If you know approximately when they were married, this could help narrow the search.

Does it matter what county you get your marriage license in Colorado?

(COVID-19 NOTE: You may need to make an appointment prior due to COVID-19 protocols). Any county works! A marriage license from any county in Colorado can be used in any other county in Colorado. But it must be filed (in person or by mail) in the county it was issued.

How do I get married in Denver?


  1. Complete the online marriage or civil union application. Complete your online marriage license or civil union appointment on the county website prior to your appointment.
  2. Schedule an in-person appointment or come into the office.
  3. Come in for your in-person appointment.
  4. Sign the license and return it for recording.

How much does it cost to get married in Denver?

How much does a marriage license cost in Denver, Colorado? A marriage license in Denver County costs $30.00. The Denver County Clerk and Recorder’s office accepts payment by cash or personal check.

How much is a marriage certificate in Colorado?

The license is valid upon issue and must be used, in Colorado, within 35 days. The fee is $30.00, cash or debit/credit card payment only. Online requests for verification of marriage and divorce records may be made at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.