Are Nottinghamshire tips open?

Are Nottinghamshire tips open?

Yes, all recycling centres in Nottinghamshire are open. Don’t forget that you need to be a resident of Nottinghamshire (excluding Nottingham City) and have registered your vehicle to use the Nottinghamshire recycling centres – it’s quick and easy to register.

Can I go to the tip with a trailer?

You can bring trailers as well as a car as long as you’re not exceeding the limit on soil, rubble, hardcore, tyres and asbestos. Sides of trailers must not be built up to allow for more capacity; as this is unsafe, access will not be granted to site.

How many tip slots can I book?

We recommend that households should not need more than 4 slots within a 4-week period and advise customers to make each visit count by saving waste if you have space until you have a full load. You can book more than 4 visits if you need to.

Can I take my van to the tip Nottingham?

Nottingham City Council has provided an update on its tip which will allow more people to access the site. Vans and trailers are now able to access the city’s household waste and recycling centre – but only on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 1pm until 6pm – to get rid of domestic waste.

Is Calverton tip open during lockdown?

Calverton Recycling Centre will remain open during national lockdown restrictions. The tip on Hollinwood Lane will remain open between 8am and 4pm daily during lockdown. A spokesman said: “During lockdown please only visit a centre if you are unable to store the waste/ recycling safely at home.

Can I take my van to the local tip?

Frequently yes. All councils operate slightly differently, but many local councils that allow vans will only let them on site if they have the required permit. Permits are usually free to local residents who want to dispose of household junk, but you will need to apply in advance of your trip.

Can you take a trailer to the recycling Centre?

8. Can I bring a van and a trailer? Yes, you are allowed to bring a van and trailer with the permitted materials providing there is sufficient capacity in the containers and that waiting times for other sites users are at manageable levels.

What can I take to the tip reading?

On your visit please bring one of the following documents:

  • Driving licence.
  • Current Council Tax bill.
  • Utility bill*
  • Bank or credit card statement*
  • Photocard bus pass issued by a re3 council.
  • Valid blue badge or residents parking permit issued by a re3 council.

Can I take van to recycling Centre?

Using a hire van If you have waste that cannot fit in your vehicle you can use a hire van to take it to a recycling centre. You will need to bring your hire agreement with you when you visit the recycling centre. ‘Man with a van’ services are unable to use recycling centres under any circumstances.

Can you go to a tip in a van?

Do I need a permit to take a hire van to the tip? Frequently yes. Permits are usually free to local residents who want to dispose of household junk, but you will need to apply in advance of your trip.