Are VCAT orders public?

Are VCAT orders public?

VCAT decisions are public and can be read by anyone. You can search for decisions on the Australiasian Legal Information Institute (Austlii) website.

Does VCAT make binding decisions?

VCAT makes a decision in a matter after hearing the evidence, looking at the documents provided by each party and considering how the law applies to your case. When VCAT makes a decision we must give reasons for that decision. We also make an order which the parties involved in the case must follow.

How long does a VCAT claim take?

For a simple residential tenancies case, you may come to VCAT and get a decision in under four weeks. Other cases will take longer, and if a case is complex, you may come to VCAT a number of times and a decision may take a number of months and sometimes years.

What issues does Vcat deal with?

The purpose of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) is to provide a low cost, accessible, efficient tribunal with a focus on dispute resolution. VCAT deals with a variety of matters but does not assist with debt recovery, motor vehicle accident claims or fencing disputes.

What to do when you get an application for VCAT?

When you get an application or notice about the start of a case, find out what this means and what to do next. If you want to join or join someone else to an existing case at VCAT, find out what you need to do.

What happens if I don’t win my VCAT bond?

If you don’t appear VCAT can make a decision about your bond, and any other claim in the rental provider’s application, such as a claim for compensation, without you. Generally, there are no other costs beyond the claims made in the application. This is regardless of whether you win or lose.

How to choose the right case type for VCAT?

Choose the right case type for your dispute or application. We are redeveloping the VCAT website. Take a short survey to help us make it easier to use. Check the date, time and location of your hearing, mediation or compulsory conference. Find the right application form and learn about fees and time limits.

Can a VCAT stay the operation of a decision?

VCAT can stay (put on hold) the operation of a decision until it has made a final decision about whether to grant the review. Are you applying for a stay of the decision? HEARING ARRANGEMENTS