Can a landlord tell other tenants your business?

Can a landlord tell other tenants your business?

It might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s a landlord’s responsibility to keep every tenant’s personal and credit information protected.In most states, in fact, it is illegal for landlords to release any financial information about a tenant or prospective tenant to a third party without written consent.

Do I have to tell my landlord if someone moves in with me Ontario?

Do I have to tell my landlord if someone moves in? Tenants have a right to privacy and aren’t obligated to let their landlord know every time a guest stays over or moves in. However, it can be seen as a courtesy.

What are the rights of a tenant in a rental property?

In the case of rentals, this means that tenants have the right to enjoy the contracted property as they wish and without unnecessary interruption. In many cases, the source of noise complaints infringes on this right to quiet enjoyment.

Can a landlord evict a noisy tenant in a multi unit building?

In some cases, however, evicting a loud tenant that is causing grief in a multi-unit building is a better choice than risking respectful tenants or your reputation. To move forward with eviction, you will need to send out a tenant noise complaint letter which clearly explains the problem to the tenant.

What to do if your landlord wants to move into your unit?

Even if you think that the landlord really does want to move into your unit, you might still consider attending an eviction hearing. Before you have your hearing you might want to try to work out an agreement with your landlord. This is called mediation. Mediation is a free service for landlords and tenants.

What to do if your landlord gives you a notice for own use?

notice for own use, or you were ordered by the Board to leave your unit, and you later learn that your unit has been re-rented or that the person that said they were going to move in never did move in, then you can apply to the Board and ask for compensation. In order to be successful, you must prove that the landlord gave the notice to