Can I cancel my contract with Optus?

Can I cancel my contract with Optus?

There are no plan cancellation fees. You will simply need to pay out the full remaining cost of your device, which will include any monthly device credit that Optus was going to cover. Plus all charges incurred up until the date of cancellation.

How do I cancel my Optus account?

The Optus Mobile App has a chat option. Otherwise try Facebook or LIVECHAT here on this website. Alternatively just write a letter to Optus with the cancel instructions and they will wind it up and send a final bill.

How much does it cost to cancel a contract with Optus?

The good news is you can normally stop the plan monthly bills on the spot. Cancellation fees range from $0 to $400 (reduced the longer you are in the contract). There is also an option to talk to Optus and discus financial hardship (form).

Is there a cooling off period with Optus?

You may cancel the service at any time by giving us 30 days notice. If you acquire the service through door-to-door sales, telesales or telemarketing sales, you may cancel the service before the end of the 10 business day cooling-off period set out under the Australian Consumer Law.

Can I cancel my WIFI contract?

You can terminate a broadband contract whenever you want… but you’ll need to comply with the cancellation terms laid out in the contract. If you’re still within the minimum contract length, that can mean a hefty fee, usually equal to the cost of the remaining bills on the contract.

Can I cancel my phone plan?

It’s worth doing research to see if there were any recent changes to your contract if you want to cancel your service. Also, you can call the customer service line and ask if there have been any recent changes to your contract agreement. When you end your contract, you may have to return your phone to the carrier.

What happens if you cancel your broadband contract?

Most of the time, you will have to pay exit charges to cancel your broadband before the minimum term has expired. What you’ll pay depends on the provider – often, you’ll have to pay off the remaining months all at once, as well as the cost of any equipment they supplied.

Can you cancel your broadband contract if you move house?

When moving house, you might want to switch to a new broadband provider if your current service isn’t available in the area you’re moving to. In order to change, you will need to contact your provider and set a cancellation date for when you want your current package to end.

What happens when 24 month contract ends?

You don’t actually have to do anything when your contract ends, but if you don’t then you’ll typically keep paying the same price for the same allowances. So after 24 months (or however long your contract is) you only have to pay the Airtime Plan.

Can I cancel my phone contract early?

If you cancel before the minimum contract term is up, you’ll have to pay an early termination fee or buyout your contract. If you want to cancel your mobile phone contract after your initial contract term is up, you can do so at any time, although most companies require 30 days’ notice.

Can I cancel my Optus account online?

Can I cancel my Optus plan in store?

Re: Cancel sim plan Optus stores do not cancel services.

What happens when your contract ends Optus?

Re: What happens after my contract expires? All contracts just roll in to the identical terms on a month to month basis. You’ll notice nothing different. At that stage you’re free to sign up to a new Optus deal, a competitor deal or just sit on the month to month existing deal and wait for a good one to come along.

Do I need to cancel my phone contract?

If you’ve signed up for your contract online or on the phone, it’s subject to a cooling-off period under the Consumer Contracts Regulations . These regulations give you the right to cancel within 14 days without paying a penalty.

How do I cancel my phone plan?

How to Cancel Your Cell Phone Contract for Free

  1. Use the Grace Period Loophole.
  2. Transfer or Trade Your Contract.
  3. Switch to another Cell Provider.
  4. Take Advantage of a Change in Contract Terms.
  5. Negotiate with Customer Service.
  6. Report All Issues with Your Service.
  7. Move Out of the Service Area.

How do I cancel Optus prepaid?

You can cancel your AutoRecharge at any time via the link in your email or contact us at Cancelling AutoRecharge may mean you will not receive your next expiry reminder. If you have access to the My Optus App, you can also edit/cancel your AutoRecharge settings at any time via the My Optus App.

How to get Optus to cancel a service?

I can confirm you do need to speak with the Customer Service team in order to cancel a service, It can’t be done online through My Account. If you still require this to be sorted out, feel free to send me a PM → here with your home phone number / account number, full name and DOB to proceed.

Can a deceased phone be returned to Optus?

Jesus, do we really need to read all this contractual BS – it’s just about returning 1 phone of a deceased person and not quitting the contract. The OP cannot return the phone and cancel contract as Optus wont allow it at this stage. Maybe you should read all the posts. balki writes…

Can You Bring your own phone to Optus?

Our mobile SIM plans are free from any lock-in contract. You can bring your own phone to Optus or add a new phone. It starts with the Optus Family Mobile Plan with 4 SIMs.

Who is the Optus account holder who died?

It is not the account holder who Optus have the contract with who died – it’s the OP’s wife and she is alive. It’s a sad and emotional time but the OP’s wife has contractual commitments to fulfill.