Can I claim workers compensation after termination?

Can I claim workers compensation after termination?

Being fired after a work-related injury or illness does not prevent you from making a workers’ compensation claim. You may still be able to bring a workers’ compensation claim for a workplace injury or illness, but would likely only be able to claim medical expenses – not your lost income.

When can I employ staff after redundancy?

Therefore, generally, you should not recruit into a role that you have made redundant for a minimum of 6 months after the termination date of the employee.

What are some entitlements of employees who are made redundant?

Generally, depending on the employee’s employment type, their length of service, the size of the business, and the applicable award, an employee may be entitled to notice, redundancy pay, any untaken annual leave and possibly long service leave, depending on the circumstances.

Can you lose your job while on ACC?

The good news is, you cannot lose your job through injury. The Human Rights Act 1993 requires employers to make reasonable accommodations so that a disabled or injured employee can return to work. The bad news is, your employer is allowed to terminate your employment if you can no longer do the job at all.

Can redundancy be reversed?

Once notice of redundancy has been issued to an employee, it is legally binding and cannot be unilaterally withdrawn by the employer, even if the employee is still working out their notice period.

Can you still work on furlough?

For the hours you are furloughed your employer cannot ask you to do work for another linked or associated company. If your contract allows, you may undertake other employment for the time your current employer has placed you on furlough, and this will not affect the grant that they can claim under the scheme.

How long can I stay on ACC for?

for you. Claims can be made up to 12 months after your injury. We may still consider claims made after this time if there’s a good reason for the claim not being made sooner.

Can my employer refuse to pay me redundancy?

Your employer can refuse to pay your redundancy pay if they don’t think you have a good reason for turning down the job.