Can I keep my American citizenship if I become Australian?

Can I keep my American citizenship if I become Australian?

You can, yes. But only if the other country also permits dual citizenship – it has to work both ways. You’ll also need to be eligible for Australian citizenship. You can check your eligibility for Australian citizenship on the government’s website.

How do I become a Australian citizen from South Africa?

To qualify through this route, you must fulfil the following residency requirements:

  1. Have lived in Australia for four years.
  2. Have been a permanent resident for at least 12 months.
  3. Have not spent more than 365 days outside of Australia in the past four years.

How can I maintain my South African citizenship?

How to keep your South African citizenship. You will need to get a letter of retention, which is issued by the department of Home Affairs. To get this letter, you must complete the BI-529 and DHA BI-1664 forms and provide a copy of your current South African passport.

Can you have dual citizenship in South Africa and Australia?

Yes, it is possible for a South African Citizen to hold dual citizenship (be a citizen of more than one country). Under the South African Citizenship Act one is only able to retain your South African Citizenship if you apply for the retention of this before acquiring foreign citizenship.

How long does it take to become Australian citizenship?

How long does it take to become a citizen? After filing your citizenship application, the DHA aims to process your application within 10 to 14 months.

Is it legal to have 3 citizenships?

U.S. law allows you to keep foreign citizenships even after you naturalize as a U.S. citizen. So you can become a U.S. citizen and keep your Canadian and Israeli citizenships. You can carry three passports. That’s true despite the fact that the U.S. naturalization oath requires you to renounce all foreign citizenships.

What is the difference between permanent residence and citizenship in South Africa?

Permanent South African residency vs South African citizenship. As a permanent resident, you have most of the rights and responsibilities of a South African citizen. However, you cannot vote in South African elections or hold a passport. Permanent residency is not as permanent as citizenship.

What is the hardest country to become a citizen of?

Bhutan is the loneliest country in the world. You need two Bhutanese parents to become a citizen of the country. If you have only one, you will need to apply for naturalized citizenship after living for more than 15 years in Bhutan. Bhutan has strict rules to provide citizenship for its country.

Can I have 3 passports?

If you have dual citizenship and one citizenship is the American one, then you should always be faithful to America, or else you risk losing your citizenship. For instance, when traveling abroad, a U.S.A. citizen should have an American passport. One can hold more than 3 citizenships.

How do I keep my South African citizenship?

Does Australia allow dual citizenship with South Africa?

Can you have 3 passports Australia?

If you qualify, you can have a triple citizenship in Australia. Australia permits ‘citizenship of two or more countries’, providing it’s legal according to all the relevant parties.

Do you have to renounce Your citizenship in Australia?

You have to apply formally to renounce your citizenship, and it’s only allowed to do if you already have another country’s citizenship waiting for you in the works – therefore you aren’t able to renounce Australian citizenship and become a stateless person.

What do I need to get Australian citizenship in South Africa?

Documents issued in a foreign language must be officially translated to English by a sworn translator. Payment must be in Australian Dollars (AUD) made out to the South African High Commission by way of Postal Money Order or Bank Cheque. Personal cheques or credit cards are NOT accepted.

How to retain your citizenship in South Africa?

Application for Retention of South African Citizenship ( form BI-1664 ): requires details of your future citizenship for which you are planning to acquire. NB: Questions 9 and 10 MUST be answered.

Can a citizen of another country be an Australian citizen?

Australian citizens may also hold the citizenship of another country or countries if the laws of those countries allow. This is known as dual, or multiple, citizenship. However, even if a person is also a citizen of another country, an Australian citizen within Australia must follow all Australian laws at all times.