Can I retract a bid on GraysOnline?

Can I retract a bid on GraysOnline?

GraysOnline is committed to protecting the integrity of the sale process and as such we are unfortunately unable to withdraw a bid once it has been placed. Our policy is that we do not retract bids if you have changed your mind or have misunderstood what was being offered.

How much does GraysOnline charge for selling cars?

4 COMMISSION 18 % (exclusive of GST) of the Sale Price of each unit, subject to a minimum of $10 per Unit (exclusive of GST). Note that the Commission (plus GST) will never exceed the sale value.

How do you beat Graysonline?

The Grays Autobid system does the work for you by comparing your bid to other bidders and increasing your bid by increments up to your maximum bid amount to win the sale. If someone bids higher than your maximum amount, you will receive a “You have been outbid” email.

Can I sell my car through an auction?

For the most part, you’ll be able to sell your vehicle at auction either online or at a physical auction house without too much trouble. Before selling your car via auction, it’s worth doing some preparation work, just as you would before a sale of any kind, in order to secure the best price possible.

How do I know if my car was sold at auction?

How to Find Out What a Car Sold for at an Auction

  1. Check the auction house’s website. Many auction houses list the selling price of vehicles from previous auctions.
  2. Call the auction that handled the sale of the vehicle. Most auction houses will tell you the amount the vehicle sold for. Sign up to receive newsletters.

How do I join GraysOnline?

Click here to register for a free My Grays account. Simply enter your email address and create a password. You will then be directed to a second page to add extra details such as your address and payment details to complete your bidding account. You are now ready to Bid/Buy with GraysOnline – Happy Bidding!