Can married couples combine superannuation?

Can married couples combine superannuation?

While they cannot combine their superannuation pensions, they can direct all the monthly payments into a joint bank account. If eligible, they will each receive 50% of the married couples’ rate of Age Pension- in full or in part if reduced by the means test.

What is the NZ pension for a married couple?

Standard NZ Super Rates (for tax code M)
Qualifying as Weekly rate Annual rate
Married, civil union or de facto couple: both partners qualify $672 $34,955
Married, civil union or de facto couple: one partner qualifies and the other is included $639 $33,225

Are there limits to how much you can contribute to superannuation?

Your superannuation questions answered. Just thinking the word ‘superannuation’ can make your brain spin. There are a lot of rules and limits to keep in mind. So, to answer some of your top superannuation questions, we take a quick look at how your super works. “Are my super contributions tax-deductible?”

What happens when you claim a Super contribution deduction?

The personal super contributions that you claim as a deduction will count towards your concessional contributions cap. When deciding whether to claim a deduction for super contributions, you should consider the super impacts that may arise from this, including whether: it will affect your super co-contribution eligibility.

How does superannuation work in a divorce settlement?

The simple answer is that superannuation is an asset. Just like your other assets held by a couple, your superannuation will be split between you and your spouse in a divorce settlement. However, neither of you will be able to access the money until you retire. The reality is that superannuation in a divorce can be complicated.

Who is best person to talk to about superannuation?

For any questions about SMSFs, make sure you get professional advice from a specialised SMSF advisor. Superannuation is considered to be a financial product and anyone considering changing Funds, setting up their own Fund, planning for retirement or starting a pension should discuss this with their financial advisor.