Can my Neighbour attach a gate to my house?

Can my Neighbour attach a gate to my house?

Can A Neighbour Attach A Gate Or Post To My House, Garage, Wall Or Fence? A neighbour can only screw into your wall, house or garage if you give them permission when installing a gate! If the wall is a party wall and owned by both sides then a neighbour can screw fixings into the wall.

Can you put a gate on shared access?

As a rule of thumb, it would be wise to treat two unlocked gates as acceptable, but not three. It follows that you can almost certainly put up a second security gate to protect your property, but locking it could be unlawful — even if you provide a key to your neighbour.

Can your Neighbour drill into your wall?

The fact that your neighbour has damaged your wall and erected a structure without your permission amounts to nuisance in civil law and probably criminal damage in criminal law. He cannot go around drilling holes in peoples buildings without their permission.

Can you put a gate on a private road?

If there is a right of way along the road, you can not block it. That does not mean that you can not put a gate there, just that the gate can not be locked. A private road can be used by the general public and is open to all who wish to use it, but it primarily benefits those at whose request it was established.

Can a person block a right of way?

A Any substantial interference with a right of way is a nuisance in common law. The owner of the right (known as the “dominant” owner) can apply to court for an injunction and damages if the landowner (or “servient” owner) blocks it.

Can you put a gate on your driveway?

In some cases, building a new driveway fence and gate can alter water flow, which may start pooling or causing other problems in public land. A driveway gate is a great way to add a little privacy and security to your home, but it can include multiple restrictions that must be considered before starting the project.