Can my wife take away my kids?

Can my wife take away my kids?

Your wife can withhold the children from you, but withholding children from a parent is not an action that a court will like. It could work against her. If this happens, you will want to immediately file for a custody and visitation timeshare.

She has no right to do so because as a married couple, both of you have the same legal rights to joint physical custody and joint legal custody to the kids. Tell her that she can leave the home and move, but she can’t take the children with her. This is how you protect your rights as a father.

Can a court order a child to leave Australia?

The Court will keep it for the specific amount of time detailed in the court order or until further order of the Court. prevents a child/ren from leaving Australia. If there is a possibility or threat that a child/ren may be removed from Australia, the Court can make orders which: request that the AFP assist in the implementation of the order/s.

Is it an offence to leave a child home alone in Australia?

Elsewhere in Australia, the law says you’re legally obliged to make sure that your child is safe and that your child’s needs are met. You can be charged with an offence if your child is left in a dangerous situation, not fed, clothed or provided with accommodation.

What to do if a child leaves Australia without a passport?

If you are concerned that a child/ren may leave Australia without your permission, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible. You can apply to the Court for an order that: prevents a passport being issued for a child by: applying to the Court for a child alert order.

How can I get my child removed from Australia?

For more information about child alerts, contact the Australian Passport Information Service on 13 12 32 or go to If there is a possibility or threat that a child/ren may be removed from Australia on a current passport, you can apply to the Court for orders.