Can non Swiss marry in Switzerland?

Can non Swiss marry in Switzerland?

The legal requirements to get married in Switzerland. In order to get married in Switzerland, couples must meet the following legal requirements: If either of you are not Swiss citizens, you must be lawfully resident in Switzerland at the time of marriage.

Can my wife get a Swiss passport?

A person married to a Swiss citizen may apply for Swiss citizenship by facilitated naturalisation after living in Switzerland for five years and having been married for at least three years. No language test is required, but one must show the following: no danger to Switzerland’s internal or external security.

Can my partner visit me in Switzerland?

To enter Switzerland the person must provide a written invitation from their partner who is living in the country. All persons entering Switzerland from countries and areas with an increased risk of infection are subject to quarantine even if they have been granted entry.

Can my partner live with me in Switzerland?

The right to family reunification exists for foreigners living in Switzerland. Whether you are the holder of a Swiss passport, a permanent establishment permit or an authorization for residence, the law remains unchanged: your partner cannot obtain a residence permit simply due to the fact that he/she is your partner.

How can I get Swiss nationality?

The paths to citizenship in Switzerland are generally through one of the following:

  1. being a child – by birth or adoption – of a Swiss citizen.
  2. marriage to a Swiss citizen.
  3. naturalization after living in the country for 10 years (years between the ages of 8 and 18 count as double)

Can my wife work in Switzerland?

Spouses of EU / EFTA citizens are free to work in Switzerland and can take on work any time. Spouses of citizens of third countries (outside EU / EFTA) and being themselves not EU / EFTA citizens can work in Switzerland and stay as long their partner / the first permit holder works in Switzerland.

How are married couples taxed in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, married couples file a combined tax return. Switzerland uses a progressive income tax system, so higher incomes are taxed at a higher rate. If both spouses work, this arrangement – called ‘marriage tax penalty’ —can be quite costly.