Can someone block your right of way?

Can someone block your right of way?

If your right of way is blocked, you can use a reasonable alternative path, as long as you don’t enter onto the land of a 3rd party. If you believe you are entitled to use a right of way which has been obstructed, you can take legal action against your neighbour provided the interference is substantial.

What is RTM in property?

The Right to Manage ( RTM ) lets some leasehold property owners take over management of the building – even without the agreement of the landlord. As a landlord, the leaseholders in your building will send you notice if they plan to do this.

Can I put a gate across a right of way?

It is well-established that a gate can be erected across a right of way (Pettey v Parsons (1914)) and such a gate can even have a lock (Johnstone v Holdway (1963)); the question for the court is whether the gate amounts to a substantial interference with the convenient use of the right of way compared with the …

Is right to manage worth it?

For a group of tenants willing to act together and with the right skillset, RTM can be a great way to ensure quality management of shared areas and services and expenditure on services that are important to them.

Can right of way be removed?

A: If the extent of a right of way is properly defined, the owner of the land over which the right of way passes cannot alter its route or insist on its removal without the consent of the person who benefits from the right ie. the neighbour above, or some other provisions permitting them to do so.

Can you fence off a right of way?

What are the rules? Yes, you can put up a fence. But you can’t put a structure across the path. You should check the definitive map for the area to see whether it specifies the width of the public right of way.

How do I get the right to manage?

The right to manage may only be exercised by a right to manage company and the members of the RTM company must comprise a sufficient number of qualifying tenants. The required minimum number of qualifying tenants must be equal to at least half the total number of flats in the building.

How do you challenge a service charge increase?

How to Dispute a Service Charge

  1. Step 1: Write to Your Landlord. Put something in writing to your landlord.
  2. Step 2: Make a Formal Complaint. If you don’t receive a satisfactory reply from your landlord, you should write again as a formal complaint.
  3. Step 3: Apply to a First Tier Tribunal.