Can someone else post pictures of my child on the Internet?

Can someone else post pictures of my child on the Internet?

Posting a picture of someone else’s child isn’t always a violation of privacy according to Facebook’s image privacy rights. If you’re the parent or legal guardian of the child, then posting the picture is perfectly fine. If the photo was taken in public, then it’s fine to post the photo in most countries.

Can someone else post pictures of my child on Facebook?

Ask the poster what his or her privacy settings are. If their profile is private and not public, only their friends can view their images which limits the audience for your child’s photo. Once a photo is online, anyone can share it.

Is it illegal to post pictures of minors on social media?

In the US, as long as the person took the pictures in a public location, had permission to take the pictures, or has permission of the person who took the pictures to post them, they can post them. If you took the pictures, you own the copyright and can ask the site to remove the pictures based on your copyright.

Why you shouldn’t post photos of your child?

While it’s kinda cute, all someone needs is a name, date of birth and address, which they can get using a geotagged photo, and this can put youngsters at risk of identity theft and digital kidnapping: when someone uses photos and details of someone else’s kids and pretends they are their own.

Should you post pictures of your child on social media?

Get Permission to Post “While you might think it’s your right to post what you want on social media when you ask kids, many of them don’t want photos of them to be put online,” says Dr. “Our children have a right to decide what is posted about them and deserve not to have their privacy violated by us.

Why you shouldn’t Post your kids?

Your Social Media Posts Might Be Used for Bullying Whether your child cares about old photos and stories about them on social media, others may be able to use that information to make fun of, insult, and even bully your child as he or she grows older.

Is it safe to post pictures of my child on Instagram?

It’s just like any other type of activity whenever you’re going to be in public. It’s a good idea to be mindful and careful about your children. Every parent is different, but I personally think it would be a little extreme to take that to mean that you should never, ever post any images of your child on social media.