Can you ask police for their supervisor in NSW?

Can you ask police for their supervisor in NSW?

No. Police can ask you to accompany them to a police station for questioning, but you are not required to go unless you have been arrested for an offence.

How do I contact the NSW police commissioner?

Where there is a need to serve the Commissioner of Police an injunction please telephone 02 9506 5199 and email a copy to [email protected]. This office and email account is only monitored during business hours. For urgent matters after hours – please also telephone 02 9506 5199.

Can police take your phone NSW?

Police Powers to Take Possession of your Phone Without Conducting a Search on You. There is no legislation in NSW that actually allows police to take your phone from you, without you being lawfully searched first.

Can I email NSW police?

lodge it or mail the complaint form to, your local police station, or. mail the completed complaint form to the Customer Assistance Unit at P.O. Box 3427, Tuggerah, NSW 2259, or. email your complaint form to [email protected].

Can you film police in NSW?

Members of the public have the right to take photographs of or film police officers, and incidents involving police officers, which are observable from a public space, or from a privately owned place with the consent of the owner/occupier.

Can police search my bag NSW?

Police can pat you down, look in your pockets and bags and search your car. They can also ask you to open your mouth and move or shake out your hair. Police are not allowed to strip search you in public. If you refuse to be searched, the police may arrest you and use force to search you.

What is police misconduct NSW?

A complaint can be made about the behaviour of a NSW police officer, a police administrative officer or the NSW police as a whole. Complaints can be made about a wide range of police misconduct, from poor customer service to malicious arrest or prosecution, false imprisonment or corrupt conduct.

Can police enter your home NSW?

Under the law of New South Wales (NSW), Police may enter a home or other premises if they have a search warrant, and may also enter premises without a warrant if they believe someone there has suffered a significant physical injury, or is in imminent danger of significant physical injury, or that entry into the …

How long can police detain you NSW?

If you have been arrested on suspicion of an offence, the police are allowed to detain you for a reasonable time to carry out investigations, for example, to interview you, if you agree to being interviewed. This period cannot normally be more than six hours (unless an extension is granted by a detention warrant).

What happens if you call 911 in Australia?

Telstra receives around nine million triple zero (000) calls every year and three quarters of those calls now come from mobile phones. But if you ring 911 on your mobile – you’ll actually get automatically redirected to 000. This is despite 000 and 112 being listed as the only working emergency numbers in Australia.

What happens if you dial 111 in Australia?

Upon dialling 111, the caller will first hear a recorded message: “You have dialed 111 emergency; your call is being connected.” This message was added in 2008 to allow people who have accidentally dialled 111 to hang up straight away.

Can I sue the police for emotional distress?

Can I sue the Police for emotional distress? If you have suffered emotionally and psychologically as a result of being involved in an act of Police misconduct or negligence, then you can make police negligence claims.

Can you sue police for negligent investigation?

When can I sue the police for negligence? The law allows you to sue the police if they are negligent in the way they carry out their normal work. So, for example, you can sue the police if a police car knocks you down.

Can you swear at cops NSW?

Remember, it is an offence not to obey a lawful police direction. If you think the request or direction is unfair, be sensible and stay calm. Don’t swear or use violence – if you do, police will then have the power to arrest and charge you. If you believe police have acted unfairly, you can make a complaint.

Can you swear at police in NSW?

Under NSW law, for language to be deemed “offensive” it must be “likely to provoke reactions such as anger, disgust, resentment or outrage” and “arouse a significant emotional reaction”. In 2014, the maximum penalty for swearing in NSW more than tripled to $500 — twice the amount you can be fined in any other state.

What happens if you call 000 and cant talk?

If you’re unable to speak to the Triple Zero (000) operator Fire? Ambulance?’ the call is transferred to an interactive voice response (IVR). The IVR asks you to press ’55’ if you require emergency help.

Does 112 track your location?

It should be noted that 112 does not have an inherent ability to locate people making emergency calls. Check with your local emergency services if you would like to know whether caller location is deployed in your area.

What is the NSW police motto?

Culpam poena premit comes
The design of the current insignia for the NSW Police Force was adopted in 1959. The Latin motto ‘Culpam poena premit comes’ translates as ‘Punishment swiftly follows crime’.

How do I contact the NSW police?

For non-urgent police assistance, reporting minor crime and all general enquiries, please contact the Police Assistance Line on 131 444.

  1. For interstate callers: 1800 725 631.
  2. For international callers: +61 2 4352 0444.

What gun do NSW police use?

The GLOCK 22 Pistol | Australian Police.

What does NSW police do?

Functions. The purpose of the NSW Police Force is to work with the community to reduce crime and violence and improve public safety. The bulk of policing work is done by operational police at Police Area Commands (PACs) and Police Districts (PDs).

What is the Australian police number?

For police assistance where there is no immediate danger or to report non-urgent crime call 131 444. If you experience any difficulties calling an area or an individual please contact the AFP switchboard on 02 5126 0000.

How to contact the police in New South Wales?

Police Assistance Line Telephone: 131 444 For interstate callers: 1800 725 631 For international callers: +61 2 4352 0444. For hearing / speech impaired TTY: (02) 9211 3776. Report criminal activity. Crime Stoppers Telephone: 1800 333 000. For hearing / speech impaired TTY: (02) 9211 3776 To report crime. Firearms Registry Contact Us

Where can I report a crime in NSW?

Anyone who has information regarding individuals or businesses in contravention of a COVID-19-related ministerial direction is urged to contact Crime Stoppers: Information is treated in strict confidence. The public is reminded not to report crime via NSW Police social media pages.

Where is the police headquarters in Parramatta NSW?

NSW Police Force Headquarters 1 Charles Street Parramatta, NSW 2150

How to report a covid-19 breach in NSW?

If your enquiry relates to COVID-19, please check the information on what you can and can’t do under the rules. If you wish to report a COVID-19 breach of Public Health Act orders, go to Please note: Website Management should only be selected to report technical issues with this website.