Can you walk the Kokoda Track without a guide?

Can you walk the Kokoda Track without a guide?

Trekking on the Kokoda Track is a challenging experience both physically and emotionally. You can trek the Kokoda Track either on your own or with a tour operator. The KTA does not encourage trekkers to walk without a tour operator, due to safety concerns.

How fit do you need to be to walk Kokoda?

Your training needs to include extensive walking, preferably in a hilly-area, carrying a weighted pack. In the last month of your training you need to be capable of walking at least 10 km daily, carrying 3 to 5 kg more than the weight you expect to carry on your trek.

How many days does it take to do the Kokoda Trail?

Despite the challenge posed it is a popular hike that takes between four and twelve days (depending on fitness). Locals have been known to hike the route in three days. Download your copy of the Kokoda Trail map and view our flyover video.

Why is the Kokoda Track so difficult?

The Kokoda track terrain is mountainous with only small sections of the track being flat. This means you are either walking slowly up a ridgeline or you are walking slowly down. This is where it can get mentally and physically hard.

How dangerous is the Kokoda Trail?

The trail itself can be quite dangerous with steep jungle clad mountains and swift-flowing rivers/creeks strewn with large rocky boulders. Much of the area is inaccessible by helicopter. Rivers and creeks can rise rapidly after heavy rain in the catchment area and can be dangerous to cross.

How much does it cost to walk the Kokoda Trail?

Adding all up you get to 300-400 USD which is not cheap for a developing country, but still about one tenth of the starting price of organized tours. The kokoda trail is a great adventure no matter how you do it and is just there waiting to be walked in the way and pace that suits you the best!

How do you train for the Kokoda Trail?

It is highly recommended you train hard prior to trekking the Kokoda Trail to make the experience more enjoyable. Your training should include long walks, uphills and downhills – the steeper the better, or walking up and down stairs is an ideal training method.

How do I prepare for Kokoda Trail?

Is the Kokoda Track worth it?

Whilst it is well worth the effort, trekking the Kokoda Track is a difficult physical challenge. Trekkers must be healthy and well prepared physically and mentally. There are long, hard slogs over hills with unsure footholds, in high humidity and often heavy rain.

Has anyone died on the Kokoda Trail?

Six Australian trekkers have died from hyponatremia while attempting to walk the track. Four of those deaths occurred in 2009, with two in the same week in April and another two 8 days apart in September and October.

What is the significance of Kokoda today?

The battle of Kokoda had definitely saved Australia form the threat of invasion and most likely from isolation and possibly forced into surrender. Today, most have come to the conclusion that Japan would not have invaded Australia, but back then at that time it everyone had believed that they were going to.

Is the Kokoda Trail dangerous?

The Kokoda Trail is a rugged and remote 130 kilometre jungle path across some of the most hazardous terrain most people will ever traverse. The trail itself can be quite dangerous with steep jungle clad mountains and swift-flowing rivers/creeks strewn with large rocky boulders.

Is the Kokoda Trail Safe?

Is the Kokoda Trail Safe? The Kokoda trail is very safe. Trek operators, PNG government along with the Australian government, meet each year to discuss the operations of the trail and safety is at the forefront of our company.

How much does it cost to do the Kokoda Trail?

How many kms is the Kokoda Trail?

While literature refers to the historic wartime track as 96 kilometres in length, today’s track measures roughly 165 kilometres including side trips and detours, which is the distance you will be walking on this tour. This equates to around 20 kilometres per day. The physical challenges of the Kokoda Track are immense.

Why did the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels help Australia?

Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels was the name given by Australian soldiers to Papua New Guinean war carriers who, during World War II, were recruited to bring supplies up to the front and carry injured Australian troops down the Kokoda trail during the Kokoda Campaign.

Why the Kokoda track was an important turning point in the war for Australia?

It was the first victory in a major offensive against the Germans since the start of the European war in 1939, and it revived the Allies’ morale. The Australian force went on the offensive and by mid-November they had crossed the Kumusi River at Wairopi, effectively ending the Kokoda campaign.

How many died on the Kokoda Trail?

625 Australians
Approximately 625 Australians were killed along the Kokoda Trail and over 1,600 were wounded. Casualties due to sickness exceeded 4,000.

How do you prepare for the Kokoda Trail?

What stopped the Japanese from invading Australia?

The US naval victory at the battle of Midway, in early June 1942, removed the Japan’s capability to invade Australia by destroying its main aircraft carriers. This made it safe for Australia to begin to transfer military power to fight the Japanese in Australian Papua and New Guinea.

Walk on the nature strip, not the pavement; this gives increased resistance and the unevenness is good preparation. Increase your distance walked each week till you’re walking at least 12 km/day, preferably every day for the last month; It’s also a good idea to train with a pack, carrying more than you will on Kokoda.

Three Australians, all between the ages of 26 and 36, have been killed walking the 96km mountain trail since 2006, including NSW man Christ Frost, who died in April. In two of the cases the deaths, possibly caused by hydration-related illnesses, happened within one or two days of the trekkers setting out.

Are there any treks on the Kokoda Trail?

The following is the list of confirmed treks that we will have in the future. You may wish to join one of these groups, or let us know the best time for you to experience the Kokoda Trail.

Do you need a permit to hike the Kokoda Track?

To hike the Kokoda Track, you will need a trek permit. All tour operators will arrange this as part of your trek. You can also obtain a permit yourself if you plan to trek on your own – although the Kokoda Track Authority discourages this because of safety concerns.

Who is the leader of the Kokoda Trail?

Our Kokoda Trail Treks are led by a PNG trek leader and designed for groups who want to experience the physical challenge of the Kokoda Trail across the original wartime route.

What should I bring on my Kokoda Trek?

Most trekkers bring some of their favourite snacks to nibble on between meals during the day. These include biscuits, chocolate bars, jelly beans, etc. Try and avoid too many dried fruit and nut mixes as they are heavy and can be a bit hard on the digestive system. Your daily snack pack should not exceed 150 grams.