Channel out your inner diva with a gorgeous gold necklace

Channel out your inner diva with a gorgeous gold necklace

One of the oldest forms of gold jewellery that has been around for centuries is the gold necklace .   The right gold necklace can add charm and style to your outfit, and make sure your attire is complete! If getting a gold necklace is the next item on your jewellery to-do list, then check out this brief guide to make your selection process easier!


Standard gold necklace


Women’s gold necklaces usually come in even-inch length, and knowing the length before you make any purchases can help you make sure if it’s what you are going for.



  • 14” gold necklace: this usually fits like a choker and stays close to your neck
  • 16” gold necklace: this gold necklace would sit perfectly around the base of your neck. For short women, the necklace would fall right on the collar bone.
  • 18” gold necklace: a common choice that falls right on the collarbone for most women.
  • 20” gold necklace: the necklace would sit just below the collarbone and is perfect for little pendants and lockets.
  • 22” gold necklace falls just above or around the chest.


Factors to consider when choosing a length


While choosing a length, it is important to consider the following factors to help you make a better decision:


  1. Neck size


Before making purchases, it is best to take time and measure your neck, especially if you are planning on purchasing a choker. You can take measurements using a tape, or if you do not have a tape, you can also take the measurement with a thread and measure its length with a scale. If you are getting chokers, add around 1- 2 more inches to your actual measurement since that would be the comfortable length, and add around 2- 4 more inches for a pendant necklace.


  1. Height


Your height can also help you choose the perfect necklace since the right one can flatter your body type. For women who are shorter than 5’4”, the perfect length would be 16 to 20-inch lengths if you are going for a casual gold necklace. Women whose height is somewhere between 5’4” and 5’7” can wear any length necklaces while taller women can wear longer chains for accentuating their tall frame.


  1. Face shape


The gold necklace can also help frame your face, balancing the facial features. Women with round faces can go for longer necklaces since short ones can accentuate the face’s roundness, while women with thinner faces can wear shorter necklaces to soften their frames. Women with narrow chins or heart-shaped faces can go for shorter necklaces as well to balance out the chin.


Popular gold necklace


Whether you are planning a casual day out with your friends or going all traditional with your jewellery for an elaborate occasion, check out these popular styles of gold necklace designs:


  1. Choker


Chokers fall very close to the neck and are at a length that suits most occasions and attires. Designs and details are the two most important factors that differentiate casual and bridal chokers, and you can choose from a large collection based on your occasion. Chokers can be embellished with gemstones, pearls, and diamonds, and these go great with indo-western outfits and traditional Indian wear.


  1. Bib gold necklace


Bib gold necklaces are perfect for making a fashion statement and can be easily styled with off-shoulder and huge necklines. Bib necklaces usually have a wide front portion that can be beautifully decorated with beads, gemstones, diamonds, and pearls.


  1. Princess gold necklace


The princess necklace provides a regal looking style to any outfit, and you can purchase one based on how elaborate you want your designs to be. The princess necklace is a versatile design since these come in simple and complex designs, suiting all occasions and outfits! For a fanciful addition to your jewellery, you could always add a drop of gemstone or pearl to your princess necklace!


  1. Statement necklace


Go crazy with your style and experiment with your preferences with a gorgeous statement gold necklace. These can be a stunning addition to any attire that can definitely place your jewellery in the spotlight!


A gold necklace can definitely improve your appearance, so check out the latest designs and experiment with your look!




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