Daily Routine Fitness tips for lazy people

Daily Routine Fitness tips for lazy people

It is easy to say, “Go in for sports!”, It is difficult to start, and then do it all the time. When a person is overcome by laziness and there are thousands of excuses not to put on sneakers in the morning, no motivating advice will help for health fitness. There must be something special, important, interesting. Something that will inspire change and explain why an evening run is better than watching a new thriller with your favorite actor! And we know what it is!

Stay in bed

Fitness guru, model and perfect body owner Paige Hathaway urges you not to start your morning with a violent awakening. If you are used to sleeping until noon and this is what guarantees your well-being and adequate perception of the world around you, stop reproaching yourself for this! It’s okay, you are not alone! It is better to stand up as a person ready for sporting achievements than a “zombie” whose only desire is to gut a punching bag.

Paige suggests starting sports in her comfort zone. If this is a bed for you, do the first exercises lying on it. Love to watch TV, study while looking at the screen. If you love taking a bath, find exercises for this occasion! Let them be weird, funny, ridiculous, but this will be your first step to real fitness. A step that can soon develop into a strong habit.

Get creative

Olga Karpukhova, choreographer, stylist, blogger and presenter of creative programs on Russian television, is sure that in order to tidy up your figure, you do not have to resort to difficult sports and force yourself to do exhausting exercises. It is enough to use the time of routine activities for your own good.

Daily Routine Fitness tips for lazy people

Every morning and evening, performing oral hygiene in the bathroom, Olga lifts her leg back to the maximum and holds it in this position for 1.5-2 minutes while brushing the upper row of teeth. Moving on to cleaning the bottom row, she changes her leg. This simple exercise will help you develop flexibility and make your buttocks firm. Do you have other tasks? Take an example of another exercise that works in a specific area of ​​the body.

Choose the buffet

Imagine that you have a buffet in front of you, which is bursting with all kinds of food – various sports. You have to choose an exciting activity. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, try whatever interests you. It’s tasting time!

You can get acquainted with the directions of fitness sitting in front of a computer monitor, watching the relevant videos on the Internet and programs of local sports facilities. Or you can go to a hobby club, go to a Dance party, or get together with friends on a one-day hike. The main thing to remember is that sports are not only and not so much exhausting workouts in the gym, but any activity, every step towards health.

Drink cool water

Experts from the Stanford University School of Medicine conducted an interesting experiment. They suggested that obese women drink ice water while exercising. Studies have shown that this simple technique lengthens training time while increasing the stamina of those who lose weight.

Thanks to regular sips of cold water during training, the woman’s body temperature rose at a slower rate, which means that the fair sex felt better and showed higher results. With this in mind, planning your classes!

Give compliments

Health experts argue that it is not the person who uses anti-motivators in sports that achieves the best results, but the one who cares about their emotional health. Performing a hard exercise, repeat the mantras: “I am strong and resilient”, “I succeed”, “I lose weight and become more beautiful”, instead of: “Do this, 100 kg of fat!”.

Compliments and encouragements distract from the painful sensations and compensate for the feeling of fatigue, charge with energy and the desire to go forward. Some trainers even recommend that people with low self-esteem do Inten Sati. This is a special training session, during which the participants must shout out encouraging phrases and compliments to themselves without fail. For mental fitness and health try to keep busy yourself in interesting events like hobbies and games. One of the most famous for mental activities is h game. Try to play this game along with your friends.

Important! The most important thing in sports for the “lazy” is to believe in yourself and take small steps towards health. And never force yourself to do what you don’t like, exercise should be fun! Only then will it become part of your lifestyle.