Desk booking in IT companies has become the norm

Desk booking in IT companies has become the norm

A desk booking process is now necessary at some firms before returning to work, and we can expect this trend to catch on soon.

Since the implementation of COVID, people’s ways of living and working have changed. As much as just wearing masks and keeping physical distance can be contributing to the ‘new normal,’ there are more components. Additionally, companies, especially IT firms, are using swipe and working differently. A desk booking system is now necessary at some firms before returning to work, and we can expect this trend to catch on soon.

Corvid’s desk booking system spreads people across desks to reduce workplace density.

What is its exact mechanism?

They enter their personal information in the portal after logging in. Evaluations must consider a variety of variables, such as vaccination status, health status, etc. Assigning them a desk is determined by these inputs. We have also notified security. Employees requires credentials, for entry into the building.

To evaluate the health status, the patient self-declares several parameters. After the seat is assigned, the security will request the barcode. Using technology, it can all be done without touching anything.

The facility manager is responsible for maintaining buildings, ensuring health and safety standards, managing space and communications infrastructure, and doing renovations and refurbishments.

Office Space

Approximately 20 percent to 30 percent of the strength in many offices is now returning to office space. He said there are improvements on the ground, adding that the situation on the ground is improving. Moreover, he said the vaccine-eligible are getting preference when allocation a job. He said his office hours are now held every two weeks or so.

A company such as Simply Work, which provides individualized and customized flex office space, Kunal Walia, says corporations are unsure about the amount of headcount that will return to the office for the fall. They are not investing in office space, so they are working with companies like Simple Work instead.

As work habits change and fewer desks are available, businesses are requesting more flexibility. Collaborations and meetings are held in this building. It is generally the norm that for about 30% of companies working from home. According to him Their time in the office for team collaboration will not exceed two hours.

As well as cafeterias, those who work from home, such as Shankar Krishnamurthy, are affecting them. services are still available but volumes is reducing . Employees can book their meals simultaneously with their desk reservations.

A desk booking application’s end-user features


Since most people are so busy every day, they do not have time to learn new software. The best desk and meeting room system will not require training. In a similar way to other services they use, such as Airbnb and Facebook, in which the user looks at and accepts it. With the interface, there is no confusion or complication.

Not much of a change

Despite the fact that there is no training required for some employees, some dislike change. If users want to retain their familiarity with a current platform, then they should integrate it with other platforms they use, such as Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, and Teams.